Progress™ Palm and Wrist Protector


Options Quantity
Progress Palm And Wrist Protector - Left, Small
Progress™ Palm And Wrist Protector - Left, Large
Progress™ Palm And Wrist Protector - Right, Small
Progress™ Palm And Wrist Protector - Right, Large

Conform to your progressive splinting needs. Progress ™ Splints are ideal for persons with weakness, contractures, mild to moderate tone, or spasticity. The innovative design combines a malleable metal frame with dense foam padding for a lightweight, soft splint that supports like a mouldable plastic splint. Change the angles of the splint for progressive positioning using ony your hands. No tools are needed. Hook-compatible material allows easy attachment of straps anywhere on the splint. Machine washable. Latex-free.

Maximum control and positioning for severely flexed hands

• Provides the same superior benefits as the Progress™ Palm Protector with the added advantage of adaptable wrist and forearm positioning.

• Even the most severely flexed hand and wrist can be improved. The palmar section can be folded or rolled for progressive finger extension.

• Includes: splint liner, two straps with D-ring buckles, and Velcro® strap tabs.

To size, measure width across the MP joints at the distal palmar crease.

Small: 3 1/4″ – 3 1/2″ (8.3 – 8.9 cm)
Medium: 3 1/2″ – 3 3/4″ (8.9 – 9.5 cm)
Large: 3 3/4″ and up (9.5 cm and up)