Prosecca® Urinary leakage band

Item #:RM-122-IAPRO

Item #: RM-122-IAPRO


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In the USA alone the prevalence of UI in men older than age 65 years ranged from 11% to 34%. Even a slight dripping has a strong impact on the quality of life for both males and females.  The Prosecca® band is an effective solution. With pressure on the urethra, it stops leak of urine. Its special material makes it particularly comfortable and discreet to wear.

Advantages of the Prosecca® leakage band:

  • smooth, supple material |  practical and re-usable
  • practical and reusable
  • Velcro® fastener to adjust the diameter and pressure on the urethra
  • light and narrow in size
  • comfortable and discrete to wear when running, sitting, walking, or doing sports
  • comfortable to wear whilst running, sitting, walking or doing sports
  • smooth surface, easy to clean
  • with practical storage box

How to use the Prosecca® band:

The Prosecca® band is opened until it is wide enough to slip over the penis. The pressure cushion should be placed in the middle underneath the penis. Sitting in the right position, the band is tightened. As tight as possible, but not too tight that it is painful. Now the Velcro® fastener is closed and the leaking is stopped.

Reusable and easy to clean:

The Prosecca® band is reusable. If used properly and with care it will last a long time and can be used many times. It should be cleaned with warm water and soap before first use and after every following use. When dryed, it may be put back in the box provided.


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