Seirin Laser Type Acupuncture Needles – 100/box


Options Quantity
Seirin Laser Type, 0.20 Mm X 30 Mm
Seirin Laser Type, 0.20 Mm X 40 Mm
Seirin Laser Type, 0.30 Mm X 60 Mm

Seirin disposable needles are setting standards worldwide for PAINLESS and infection-free acupuncture therapy
Seirin offers an extremely flexible needle, while still exhibiting a smooth and hard structure
Flexible spring-type stainless steel handle
Medical grade stainless steel is used for the needle shaft
The needle tip is mirror-finished and coated with medical grade silicone oil (adhered using a patented heat-curing technique which leaves no trace of silicone residue in the body)
Individual blister packaging with tube
Recommended for use with needle injector for IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation Technique)