Shockwaves in Sports Medicine

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Item #: SM-1008


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SHOCK WAVES IN SPORTS MEDICINE – Heinz Lohrer und Tanja Nauck
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“Shock Waves in Sports Medicine” is already the eighth volume in the successful series of specialist books “Shock Wave Therapy in Practice”. The publication, edited by Prof. Dr. Heinz Lohrer and Dr. Tanja Nauck, shows the wide range of applications of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in sports medicine and provides valuable insights for practical application.
All contributions come from international shock wave experts, including the current DIGEST President Prof. Dr. Karsten Knobloch and the former ISMST President Dr. Maria Cristina d’Agostino. In addition to contributions on the use of focused and radial shock wave therapy, the handbook also contains an informative overview on the use of sonography for tendon injuries. Numerous colour illustrations and the clear structure make it easy to understand.
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