SPIO® Wrist-Hand Orthosis Glove


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Product Details

SPIO is a compression system designed to help children with special needs including cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, sensory processing disorders, and other neuro-muscular delays. SPIO is made of a patented Lycra fabric with a unique multi-directional stretch. SPIO offers a variety of comfortable and affordable styles that can be worn under clothing all day.


  • Allows for greater tactile exploration and precision. Children with hemiplegia and athetoid or spastic quadriplegia have shown decreased hypersensitivity and improved hand use.
  • Improves sensory awareness in hand and wrist
  • Increases stability of soft tissue structures which improves movement control
  • May decrease hand biting
  • The SPIO® Wrist Hand Orthosis** assists with fine motor control, increased stability, decreased hypersensitivity, and sensory awareness in the hand and wrist.  It is ideal for children with Hemiplegia, Athetoid or Spastic Quadriplegia, Rett Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Product Features:

  • Standard single layer
  • Open fingers, fabricated thumb
  • Extends from the metacarpals to above the wrist
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