Stax Finger Splint


Options Quantity
Stax Finger Splints - Size 1, 5.0cm
Stax Finger Splints - Size 5 1/2, 6.8cm
Stax Finger Splints - Size 6, 7.3cm
Stax Finger Splints Kit - Package Of 30 Assorted Sizes.

Protects fingertip and nail bed injuries.

Perforated, translucent, semi-hard plastic. Latex-free. Optional Velcro® straps (RML640) secure the splint on the finger.

Supports the DIP joint in neutral to help correct mallet deformity.

Can be trimmed with heavy duty scissors.

Sold individually or in a convenient kit of 30 assorted sizes.

To size, measure circumference at DIP joint.