Storz B15 White Tip Applicator

Item #:SM-25377

Item #: SM-25377


Product Details
For Storz Models:
Duolith SD-1 Radial, MP-100, MP-200, D-Actor 100
Highly sensitive regions, For Example: in CMD (Craniomandibular dysfunction) and trigger points in the cervical spine muscles.
Treatment Example:
Trigger points / shockwave acupuncture – cervical spine muscles (atlas)
Stimulation of the peri-atlantic muscles and connective tissue
Recommended Treatment Parameters:
Pulses per session: 400 – 600
Pressure: 0.3 – 0.8 bareff
Frequency: 8 Hz
Ø: 15 mm

Radial shock wave treatment using the »White Tip« B15 transmitter – A field report from Dr Stephan Swart

For years, STORZ MEDICAL has been teaming up with medical specialists to pioneer the development of radial shock wave transmitters, which are used to treat myofascial conditions. One of the challenges that medical professionals face every day when using shock waves is ensuring that treatment of particularly sensitive and deep-lying trigger points and myofascial imbalances is gentle, effective and virtually pain-free.

A solution to this problem has been found in the B15 »White Tip« transmitter for radial handpieces, which was developed in collaboration with experienced shock wave expert Dr Stephan Swart – a specialist in orthopaedics hailing from Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany.

Muscle tone disorders, the development of trigger points and fascial bonding are responsible for many musculoskeletal conditions – or manifest themselves as accompanying symptoms. The B15 »White Tip« transmitter is used to ensure that shock wave therapy is effective and gentle on sensitive, regional areas that have heightened sensitivity to pain – such as the shortening of the adductor pollicis muscle in base of thumb osteoarthritis or tension in the masseter muscle and the surrounding mastication muscles in a skull-jaw imbalance. What makes this transmitter special compared to alternative transmitters is its softer shock transmitter surface and lack of booster effect.
This increases the indication spectrum of deep-lying myofascial indications and makes it possible to treat even those areas and patients that are particularly sensitive to pain.

Dr Stephan Swart helped to develop the B15 transmitter

Left: Dr Stephan Swart helped to develop the B15 »White Tip« transmitter / Right: The B15 »White Tip« transmitter

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