Mckie Supinator Strap


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Supinator Strap Blue Large – 2 In X 30 In
Supinator Strap Blue Medium -1 1/2 In X 24 In
Supinator Strap Blue Small - 1In X 18In
MSSXS Supinator Strap Blue X-Small 7/8 In X 15In
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McKie Supinator Strap.
Supination is the forearm motion that turns the palm up. Whether child or adult, it is needed for most activities of daily living including eating, cup holding, dressing, bathing, combing hair, brushing teeth and holding a pencil. Control of supination develops very early when infants begin to explore all sides of objects. It can be lost or fail to develop as a result of neurological injury.

Can promote either forearm supination or forearm pronation depending on how you wrap it.
Made from 1.5 mm washable nylon-covered neoprene.
Attaches to the back of the hand on the thumb side of the hand. The strap thus also assists with wrist extension and radial deviation.
The narrowed end attaches to the McKie thumb splint or other hand splint and the squared end of the strap encircles the upper arm and attaches to itself.
The hook tape at the squared end of the strap is not sewn on so the strap can be trimmed if too long.
The smooth side nylon is worn against the skin and the outer looped nylon fabric is receptive to hook tape, thus allowing considerable adaptability when attaching the strapping.
Latex free and available in 6 colors
Custom options include adding length to the strap.