Sensa® moor Flat


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Terrasensa Flat Brown
Every Step is different.  Sensa®moor has the charm of natural unevenness. The surface has very unique variability which remains imperative for the cognitive process & development. Even with simple exercises, sensa®moor mobilizes the entire neuromuscular and sensorimotor system. Therapy and training goals can be achieved much faster.
Nature as a model – natural sensorimotor training on a single plate , walking distance or surface . Easy to integrate into everyday life, therapy or your workout. The sensa®moor variants differ in structure, hardness and function, and can be combined with each other. You can expand your sensa®moor world indefinitely and thus set new stimuli in therapy and training.

  • Flexibly expandable modular system
  • Training on single plate, walking distance or surface
  • Different surface structures, degrees of hardness and color
  • Transitionless combinable and expandable in all directions
  • Non-slip and shock-absorbing
  • Safe traction thanks to anti-slip system on the underside
  • Dermatologically harmless and resistant to wear
  • Approved for medical