Thermophore Deluxe Moist Heat Pad


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Thermophore Deluxe Moist Heat Bad


  • The Thermophore Deluxe  Moist heating Pad has a low, medium and high switch allowing users to choose preferred temperatures based on their personal preference allowing for user controlled therapy. Unique fleece cover provides ample moisture for deep penetrating heat therapy. Fleece covers are a key part of Thermophores moist heat therapy. Clean Fluffy covers absorb more atmospheric moisture to increase the therapeutic benefits of your thermophore moist heat pack.
  • Automatic turn off after 25 minutes. The weighted design drapes beautifully over the body.
  • Wipe able, waterproof nylon material simplified cleaning to minimize the likelihood of cross contamination
  • 10-foot power cord for ease of use.
  • Moist heat therapy is ideal for relieving pain from stiffness, improve circulation, arthritis pain, aching feet, shoulder and back pain. Moist heat is able to penetrate deeper for faster drug free pain relief.
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