Torex® Flat Style Hot & Cold Packs


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Torex® Hot & Cold Pack - Quarter Flat, 1in X 5.5in X 7.50in
Torex® Hot & Cold Pack - Half Flat, 1in X 6.50in X 11in
Torex® Hot & Cold Pack - Regular Flat, 1in X 10in X 13.50in
Torex® Hot & Cold Pack - Flat, 1in X 12.5in X 18.50in
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Torex® Flat Style hot & cold packs offer the same premium medical grade materials that stay ultra soft when chilled or heated allowing Torex® to comfortable mold to the body in a convenient flat style.

This is great for the hard to treat very sensitive post surgery groin, breast, face, shoulders, neck and head areas. Our flat packs are an excellent alternative to the ice bags that are commonly given after surgery. Together, these features reduce treatment time, provide faster pain relief, keep swelling to a minimum, and greatly increase overall effectiveness.



Groin area

Breast area
Sensitive post surgical areas

General injuries requiring ice or heat