Triton Traction Unit | Chattanooga

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  • Easy to operate 270° Pivoting Screen
  • Digital Monochromatic Touch Screen Interface
  • Patient Data Cards record up to 14 treatment sessions
  • Store up to 10 user defined protocols
  • Intermittent, Static and Cyclic Traction
  • Progressive and Regressive steps
  • User-defined Hold, Rest and Treatment times
  • Traction tension parameters: 0-200 lbs

Benefits of Traction

• Reduces Disc Pressure
• Relieves Nerve Root Compression
• Improves Blood Flow
• Relaxes Muscles
Graduated static, intermittent and cyclic tension options closely mimic the feel of hands-on therapy
• Controlled, consistent & repeatable traction force
• Ability to maintain clinically effective forces regardless of patient size
• Quick and easy belting provides comfortable and stable anchoring
• Multiple table adjustments to achieve ideal treatment positioning
A vital component in a comprehensive spine therapy program
• Compliments manual therapy and other modalities
• Applicable for acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions
• Reduces physical demands on the clinician
• Helps optimize patient flow efficiency in clinic