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Urology Shockwave Book

Large range of treatments for shock wave therapy in urology: in.Urology in. – the new manual especially for urologists continues the series in.Shock Wave Therapy in Practice in.. It is already the third book in this series. The textbook gives a compact and practice-oriented overview of the latest treatment methods in shock wave therapy in urological practice.

The group of authors – all renowned physicians and experts in the field of shockwave – present the most important fields of application of extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and offer, thanks to their experience, an attractive guideline with valuable information for the correct application of the form of therapy, which finds its way into more and more practices. The shock wave therapy has been used since the eighties for the treatment of kidney and bladder stones. However, a completely new and interesting treatment area is the use of shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction. Two topics of the book are dedicated to this topic. Other topics include the treatment of Peyronie, chronic pelvic floor syndrome and bacterial prostate disease, as well as interstitial cystitis