Vacu-Actor Shockwave Cupping

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Principles of Suction Wave

The force conversion zone – from decompression to compression – is present around the complete inner diameter of the VACU-Cup and follows the movement of the VACU-Cup in dynamic application. This provides a rolling, gliding stretch to the tissue, performing a connective tissue massage. The mechanic effect reaches from skin level into the profound subcutaneous tissue layers to fascia and muscle fibres.

»Suction Wave Therapy« indications

  • Suction Wave Therapy« is an ideal tool to prepare tissue and patient for any kind of intense myofascial release technique – for example ESWT.
  • Severe tissue adhesions or other structural connective tissue disorders
  • Areas with subcutaneous metabolic malperformance

»Suction Wave Therapy« with VACU-ACTOR® technology SWT applies a vacuum directly to the skin and creates a strong mechanical stress on the enclosed tissue which is sucked into the VACU-Cup. Vacuum is generated by the compressor of the DUOLITH SD1® Tower »ultra« and controlled by the touch screen menu.

Therapeutic effects

Constant/intermittent mechanical stress to skin and tissue layers ƒ

  • Stretching/straightening of fabric structures ƒ
  • Dissolving adhesions between tissue layers ƒ
  • Tissue mobilisation ƒ
  • Direct myofascial release ƒ
  • Subjective vasodilatory effect

Stimulation of mechano-receptors and free-nerve endings ƒ

  • Direct muscular reaction with relaxation in the follow ƒ
  • Reactive adaptation of tissue flexibility and elasticity ƒ
  • Pain cover (Gate-Control-Mechanism)

Metabolic activation ƒ

  • Pressure difference to surrounding environment leads to high reflow ƒ
  • Local ischemia by seclusion creates high metabolic demand ƒ
  • Expression of vasoactive agents (Histamine etc.) ƒ
  • Mechanic blood-/lymphatic flow support ƒ
  • Stimulation of reflective pathways
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