Vagiwell® Medical Dilators (5 Piece Set)

Item #:RM-122-VP

Item #: RM-122-VP


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Vagiwell® Medical Grade Dilators

The Medintim Vagiwell® Dilators were developed for women who want to practice stretching the vagina themselves. The aim of the exercises is desensitization, in which the vagina should be slowly stretched so that sexual intercourse or gynecological examinations are possible without pain.

There are many different reasons why the vagina can be too tight:

  • Dyspareunia of various causes
  • Vaginismus (cramping of the vaginal muscles)
  • Scarring after episiotomy or perineal tear
  • After gynaecological operations


Starting with the smallest size, the dilator is inserted into the vagina and remains there for several minutes. When one size can be inserted without discomfort, one should move directly to the next size. The exercises should be performed in a relaxed sitting or lying position.

Unless otherwise recommended by the physician, the exercises should be repeated daily. When insertion of the largest dilator is pain-free, sexual intercourse may be attempted.


The Vaigwell® dilators are intended for single-patient use. After use, they are washed with warm water and mild soap.

  • During and after radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  •  After vaginal surgery with reduction of the vagina and scarring
  • Skin diseases, e.g. lichen sclerosus
  • Vaginoplasty/neovagina
  • Vaginal stenosis

The Premium Vagiwell® Dilator set contains:

  • Size 1 Vagiwell –  Light Blue
  • Size 2 Vagiwell –  Mint
  • Size 3 Vagiwell –  Purple
  • Size 4 Vagiwell –  Pink
  • Size 5 Vagiwell –  Beige
  • Sylk Lubricant 50ml (Water-soluble)
  • Nylon Pouch

Vagiwell® Medical Dilators (Small Set)

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