Ventopedic Palm Protector with Cylinder Roll


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Ventopedic Palm Protector with Cylinder Roll

Provides immediate cushioning support and moisture control for hand positioning. Cylinder Roll allows for slight extension of fingers. Controlled levels of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers attract and expel skin moisture four times faster than regular fabric

  • • 3-Dimensional air flow ventilation allows heat and moisture to escape; allowing skin to stay dry and comfortable
  • Strap allows product to remain in position
  • Content: 90% polyester / 10% cotton
  • Washing temperature 160 – 167F ( 71 – 75°C), Drying temperature 220


  • X-Small (3.5″ Cyllinder Circumference)
  • Small (4.5″ Cyllinder Circumference)
  • Medium (5.5″ Cyllinder Circumference)
  • Large (6″ Cyllinder Circumference)
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