Vibrance Pelvic Trainer


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Vibrance Pelvic Trainer

Vibrance Pelvic Trainer Now in Canada!

Fast, Simple & Easy to Use!
The built-in vibration feedback works by helping you identify and engage the correct muscle group when doing pelvic training. It also helps you to accelerate pelvic strengthening and enjoy the benefits of a strong pelvic floor. When your pelvic muscles get strong, your own life experience and your partner’s satisfaction will be the ultimate reward.

Vibration Biofeedback
The patented vibration biofeedback is the most accurate way of isolating your pelvic floor muscles, as opposed to pressure-based methods which can be triggered by wrong muscle groups. It is activated only when the correct muscles are engaged, ensuring the effectiveness of your pelvic training. It also helps you to quickly build an association between your brain and your pelvic floor, helping you to gain confidence in controlling your pelvic floor muscles.

Audio-Guided Training

Audio-guided training quickly teaches you how to exercise your muscles properly so you can control your pelvic floor and improve your life.

Resistive Training Regimen
The VPT’s patented Training Sleeves allow you to increase the challenge of your exercise and measure the progress of your muscle strength. Resistive training such as that provided by VPT has been proven to be essential to optimizing pelvic floor muscle strength.

Portable & Waterproof
Before cleaning the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer, ensure that the bottom cap is screwed tightly. Once it is tightly screwed, the VPT is safe for washing. From taking the VPT out of its case, working out your pelvic floor and putting it back, the VPT takes no more than 10 minutes of your time each session.

Take Control of Your Pelvic Health!
A weakened pelvic floor is the primary cause of one in three women experincing incontinence. You don’t have to live insecurely or feel apprehensive about committing to social plans anymore; the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer will help strengthen these important muscles so you can take control of your life.