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Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Supplies In Winnipeg, Manitoba

Manitoba’s capital is known for its historic sites, its gorgeous rivers, and its robust shops and restaurants. With beautiful protected green spaces, hearty festivals and events, and 20th-century architecture enjoyed by locals and visitors, Winnipeg is the jewel of the province. Winnipeg is also home to some of the best medical care in the province—the city’s Physiotherapy clinics and Chiropractic practices provide preventative care to thousands of Canadians. From rehabilitation to sports injury recovery to physical therapy and massage, Winnipeg leads the way in Canadian health services.

For more than 35 years, Remington Medical has supported the clinics, practices, homes, and hospitals of Winnipeg by providing top-of-the-line Physiotherapy equipment and supplies. Canadian health is only as good as its people and its practices, and Remington Medical works hard to source the best available medical devices from North America, Europe, and beyond. We believe that the care of each patient is only as good as the equipment, which is why we provide premium supplies that help promote the best Canadian preventative medicine possible. As Canada’s most trusted Physiotherapy supplier, we take our role seriously and continue to make medical services available directly to Winnipeg.

Our service reps and sales team work in conjunction to ensure your clinic always has the equipment it needs. We also provide the best after-sales services in Canada, with long-term programs to help repair, upkeep, and restore your equipment so it works like new for the entire life of your practice. Remington Medical stands behind every purchase, which is why we proudly remain Winnipeg’s premier Physiotherapy equipment provider.

Whether you’re looking for modalities, treatment tables, or general clinic supplies, we have your back. Call us today and schedule an appointment or request a quote for equipment and supplies.


Canada-Certified Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Physiotherapy

Remington Medical has spent the last three decades improving the quality of health services throughout Canada. Our Canadian-approved products are directly sourced from some of the best manufacturers across the globe, and we have a tireless dedication to obtaining top-of-the-line equipment that’s high quality and affordable. We believe that any good Physiotherapy practice is built upon the quality of its equipment, and we want to ensure the services that you provide your patients can truly improve their lives. Our services help people get better faster, and we strive to continue building a community focused on teamwork, health, and quality of life.

With a business model structured around care, we can focus on providing the best equipment possible that supports preventative medication throughout Canada. As the needs of Canadians continue to grow and change with the times, clinics and practices in Winnipeg need to know that someone has their back. We work tirelessly with our North American and European partners to ensure that the best in Canadian healthcare can be provided.

We offer the best selection of quality Physiotherapy products in the country, with a trained staff that’s certified by the manufacturers. With unparalleled turnaround on repairs, quotes, and deliveries, we are proud to constantly update and expand our portfolio of products. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll get it. We are the Physiotherapy and Chiropractic supplier that cares about both you and your patients.

Dedicated Support, Better Calibrations, Leading Brands

As the needs of Canada continue to change, you can rest assured that Remington Medical remains focused on quality equipment and better healthcare. Winnipeg’s communities have endured much in the last few years, which is why we have not wavered in our unending support for the clinics, practices, and hospitals in the area. We know how important it is to keep your Physiotherapy office running smoothly, which is why our exceptional team is here for you. Mitigate downtime and remove frustration so that you can focus on the needs of your patients.

Remington Medical is certified to sell and repair the most popular devices from leading manufacturers like Storz Medical, Gymna, Lojer Tables, Roscoe, DJO, and more. We are proud to say we are also Canada’s only certified Storz Shockwave service center, located right in Ontario. With better device inspections than you’ll find anywhere else and decades of calibration knowledge, you can ensure your Chiropractic tables and Physiotherapy modalities are always up to date. Treatments can only be as effective as the equipment and supplies you have, and any good clinic needs to keep up with the times.

Popular Physiotherapy Products And Equipment

Your Winnipeg Physiotherapy clinic requires the best equipment available. Our global manufacturing partners supply us with a wide range of quality supplies and equipment, including:

  • Electric Stimulators
  • Ultrasound Stimulators
  • Heat Therapy Units
  • Cryotherapy Units
  • Physical Therapy Lasers
  • Magnetic Therapy Devices
  • Pressure Therapy Devices
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Units
  • Laser Therapy Supplies
  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • Nerve Stimulation Devices
  • Biofeedback Therapy Devices
  • Fitness Bikes
  • Steppers
  • Treadmills
  • Exercise Stations
  • Physiotherapy Tables
  • Massage Tables
  • Traction Tables
  • Tilt Tables
  • Exam Stools

Winnipeg Physiotherapy Supplies And Equipment

We’ve remained Canada’s number one source of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic supplies for over 35 years, and we are the leading supplier of equipment, modalities, devices, and clinic supplies. When you use Remington Medical you use three decades of experience from across the globe, but with a dedication to local healthcare and Canadian wellbeing. We want you to spend less time fretting over the state of your equipment and more time on the preventative medicine and health of your patients, which is why we provide better after-sales care and upkeep than our competitors. Our physical therapy catalog includes electrotherapy devices, deep oscillation devices, deep wound and tissue recovery equipment, sports injuries recovery equipment, and more.

We regularly update our offerings and work hard to obtain the best Physiotherapy equipment on the market. Remington Medical’s sales team and staff keep in touch for the upkeep and update of all your existing equipment, with better on-site deliveries and support. We also offer professional discounts on our most popular items and work hard to ensure our preventative medicine is affordable and high quality.

With our main location in Markham, Ontario, we can focus on keeping Canada healthy and staying available for more provinces. Contact us today to see why we’ve been able to maintain the same great service for nearly four decades.

We Are Your Physiotherapy Supply Innovators

We offer more than just products and equipment—our quality service supports all of our Canadian healthcare professionals, with trained experts certified by the manufacturers. Our staff is solution-driven and ready to provide support and service whenever you need it. We have a fast turnaround on all quotes, inquiries, and repairs.

Remington Medical goes above and beyond to ensure that you not only receive the best equipment but that your equipment stays in top condition for the entire life of your clinic. Our dedicated staff believes in the power of preventative care and rehabilitation, which is why we ensure you always have access to the best clinic supplies, Physiotherapy tables, fitness equipment, cardio equipment, physical therapy devices, and more.

Why Choose Remington Medical

Innovation & Education

We provide the best Physiotherapy and Chiropractic equipment & supplies directly from industry manufacturers in Canada, Europe, and North America. Our trained staff can provide education on all equipment and are certified directly by the manufacturers.

On-Site Service & Technical Support

We offer device & equipment support, with on-site service for upkeep, repair, and technical support.

Quick Response Service & Device Inspections

We can repair most devices from popular manufacturers including Storz Medical, Gymna, Lojer Tables, Roscoe, DJO, and more.

Localized Support

With nearly four decades of serving Canada, we are proud to provide our services to more provinces. We are located in Ontario and are here for Winnipeg and all of Manitoba.

Serving Canadians for over 35 Years

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