Storz Medical Radial Shockwave Revision Kit: Everything you need to know!

Storz Medical Radial Shockwave Revision Kit: Everything you need to know!

by Kyle Lee, O.T. Reg (Ont.)

Regular maintenance of your Storz Radial Shockwave device is essential to ensure it delivers consistent and effective treatments. Due to the nature of Shockwave therapy, some components of the unit wear out. The most common upkeep on a shockwave is the revision kit located in the Falcon or Ultra handpiece of your Storz Medical device. This is warrantied for a million hits, but with good up-keep (in many cases), you may see it last longer. This will depend on the amount of use and how frequently it is cleaned. One of the many reasons clinic owners and therapists buy a STORZ device is the revision kit can be replaced in minutes which results in almost no downtime for a clinic. Especially, if the unit requires a revision kit change in the middle of a treatment, this can be done on the spot unlike competing units on the market.


How do I know when to change the Revision kit?

A new Revision kit is designed to last for 1 million hits.  With routine maintenance, your revision should be able to get more hits without compromising the treatment quality. During treatment, if you find the frequency of the pressure waves changes/stutters, if the bullet is sticking in the tube, or if your unit does not feel / sound consistent, then your first step is to use the cleaning brush and follow the steps [ link to video cleaning handpiece] to clean the tube and projectile.  If this does not change anything, then a new revision is most likely necessary. Putting in a fresh Revision kit gives you peace of mind as a clinician that you are delivering quality treatments. 


What does the Revision kit contain?

The Dual Revision kit consists of 2 Tubes, 2 projectiles – what many refer to as the “Bullet” – and 2 packs of O-Rings.  

Shockwave Falcon Revision Kit for sale | Remington Medical Equipment

Wait, what is the difference between the Ultra revision kit and Falcon revision kit?

The Ultra revision kit is the original revision for older Storz devices, it is longer than the Falcon Revision kit.  The Falcon Revision kit was introduced later with the new Falcon handpiece which allows you to administer shocks at .3 bars. The Falcon is the shorter version of the two revision kits. Below we will show you how to determine if you have an Ultra or Falcon Handpiece. 

Do I need a Falcon or Ultra Revision kit for my Shockwave?

The quick and easy way is to measure the Tube.  The tube in the Ultra revision kit measures 17.5 CM and the Falcon measures 14.6 CM


Another way to determine what kit is right for your unit is by the handpiece.  If your handpiece is the older style and is either GREY and BLUE or Grey on Grey with a chrome body, then you require the ULTRA Revision kit.  

These handpieces were coupled with the older Masterpuls ® MP50, MP100, and MP200 ELITE units. These devices were either Grey or blue with a square-shaped design (see below) 

Ultrasonidos aplicados a la fisioterapia: STORZ MEDICAL


If you have a Duolith SD1 Radial shockwave, the Masterplus ONE, or the newer versions of the Masterplus® shockwave (the MP50 Ultra, MP100 Ultra, MP200 Ultra, or the D-ACTOR ® 100), you may have either the Ultra or Falcon handpiece depending on when you purchased the unit! 

  1. If your handpiece can go down to .3 bars you have a Falcon handpiece and will need a Falcon revision kit
  2. See the images below.  If your handpiece looks like the one on the left with the Chrome ring on the barrel, you require the ULTRA revision kit.  The handpiece on the right shows the Falcon without the ring 


If you have the newest Storz shockwave on the market – The Masterpuls ONE portable shockwave (seen below) you will require a Falcon Revision kit. 


I have a Chattanooga Shockwave.  Will these revision kits work on my unit?

Yes, certain Chattanooga Shockwave devices such as the RPW and RPW2 use the STORZ handpiece.  The revision kits will fit into these handpieces.  Please follow the above steps as they will be the same in determining which kit is right for your unit


How do I change over the Revision kit?

Please watch the video on how to change over a Revision kit and the seals  TIP:  you will need just 1 Revision kit ( kit comes with two),  the wrench and small Hex/Allen key provided when you bought the Storz Shockwave, and a few min of your time.  

YouTube video


I read everything and I just don’t get it.  It has been one of those days.

No worries, we have you covered.  Remington Medical has a full Storz Authorized service centre.  Always ask for an authorized factory-trained Storz technician as they know what to look out for and will have the parts to repair your unit or handpiece.  Contact us and we can walk you thru the steps to find the right revision kit for you! 

You can also purchase your ULTRA or FALCON revision kit for your Storz Medical device here !




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