Low-Impact Cardio Training : The SPIRIT CRS800S Recumbent Stepper

Low-Impact Cardio Training : The SPIRIT CRS800S Recumbent Stepper

by Michael Thorne, Dyaco Canada

Everyone knows the importance of staying active as it relates to maintaining or improving ones health and wellbeing. But, unfortunately, not everybody can lift weights, do jumping jacks or train for a marathon. Thankfully, these high-impact workouts aren’t the only way that people can exercise.

Implementing low-impact cardio machines into your training can significantly improve your overall health in a more gentle and accessible way. Cardio fitness machines offering low-impact workouts are often easier on you physically and can help reduce the risk of injury. These movements can even assist in the physical rehabilitation process for patients with orthopedic and neurological problems.

Regular exercise can help you reach important health goals and help to reduce the risk of many diseases and some cancers. Keeping up an exercise regimen can also positively impact your mental health and lift your mood. But, don’t let the name fool you — low-impact exercise can be every bit as beneficial as high-impact exercise. Low-impact exercise is especially beneficial for seniors and people with arthritis.

If you have made it this far in the article, then maybe you or someone you know could benefit from a low-impact exercise machine. If so, we would recommend familiarizing yourself with a recumbent stepper. Within the exercising community, elliptical machines and stationary bikes have dominated the field of minimal-impact exercise equipment. However, there is nothing better than a recumbent stepper for individuals looking for a more gentle and accessible exercise experience.

The recumbent stepper is a low-impact exercise machine that simulates walking or jogging. It gets its name from the stepper motion that the pedals follow when in use. Designed as a tool to assist seniors and those recovering from injury, recumbent steppers make exercise enjoyable by reducing barriers by using a passthrough seated design, taking unnecessary pressure off the joints, and adjusting to your body’s natural stride length.

While many recumbent steppers are on the market today, Remington medical recommends the Spirit Fitness CRS800S as our top choice. Spec for Spec is one of the best values in the market today, with features usually on machines priced hundreds to thousands of dollars higher. In addition, the Spirit Fitness CRS800S Recumbent Stepper is supported by a 100% Canadian-based, bilingual customer service and parts team. You won’t find that type of local service with other manufacturers.

CRS800S Recumbent Stepper


The CRS800S Recumbent Stepper makes total-body exercise accessible for a wide variety of users. Regardless of age or physical ability, the CRS800S offers various features that take the effort out of getting on and working out. The step-through frame design and swivelling seat assembly allow easier machine entry/exit. The self-adjusting 1 to 12.5-inch linear step range accommodates limitations in range of motion and helps accommodate users of various heights. In addition, multi-grip adjustable handles, oversized cushioned pedals with adjustable straps, and a 4-way adjustable high-density foam seat with a 360-degree swivel create a comfortable workout experience.

Patients can experience whole body exercise through coordinated, linear, and natural 1:1 leg and arm motion. Self-adjustable stroke length accommodates patients’ specific range of motion capabilities, providing low impact movement for knees, ankles, and hips in a safe semi-recumbent position.


Versatile for different training emphasis, the Spirit Fitness CRS800S’s unique quadrilateral exercise pattern allows users to selectively distribute various exercise efforts across their four limbs. Limbs that input more force can efficiently lead less involved limbs to functional movements and maintain elevated heart rate. A low inertia starting point of 5 watts allows even the most deconditioned individuals the opportunity to benefit from exercise.

The electronics are designed to provide intuitive operation. The console features a large, easy-to-read display with various program options for users of all fitness levels and an integrated fan to keep you cool. In addition, the convenient seat-mounted hand pulse grip sensors provide heart rate monitoring on demand.


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