To Infinity And Beyond: The Ultimate Splinting Material

To Infinity And Beyond: The Ultimate Splinting Material

Author: Kyle Lee, O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Thermoplastic or Splinting material as most of us refer to it is the cornerstone of hand clinics worldwide.  One thing every Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist can agree upon is we all have our favourites and preferences when it comes to splinting. For over 25 years, I have been in the industry of selling as well as assisting in developing some of the most popular thermoplastic materials. With that I have seen trends in materials come and go, especially colour.

During my first clinical placement in a hand therapy clinic, most of the materials being used were either Beige or White. This was thought to “mask” or “minimize” the appearance of ones injury or disability behind a skin tone orthosis. In one clinic we called the Beige Skin/Flesh tone which obviously does not reflect well in today’s world of diversity.

Fast forward today and colours have dominated the plastics world as many clients demand flashy colours to match wardrobes etc. It seems as if people are not trying to disguise their injury. They are embracing it and highlighting it in colour. Remington Medical has been selling thermoplastics in Canada for 40 years and worked with Chesapeake Medical selling what was originally known as JU-100, then CUSTOM splint and now to the present day name INFINITY.  

As the name changed, one thing that remained constant is that it is the most loved material in Canada. It is a traditional material combining the two most important factors.  Moderate resistance with increased drape and confirmability. This combination allows both beginners and experienced users to have just the right amount of drape without the run-away stretch many materials have.  This allows it to be used on all upper extremity applications like a volar wrist, long opponens, dorsal based orthosis, elbow etc.

The advanced coating which initially was the reason therapists flocked to the Infinity Splinting material, provides a lot more forgiveness compared to other brands. If adjustments are needed or mistakes were made during the forming of the splint this versatile material prevents accidental bonding and has properties which allow for multiple forming. It also has a smooth oyster like finish which makes for a luxurious look, feel and finish and resists fingerprints under normal handling. 

Self sealing edges when cut warm minimizes edge finishing and allows for rolled edges to stay down.

The most popular material is now even better!  Infinity is now available in Black. Currently available in 3.2 mm (⅛”) smooth and 1% Perf.  


Try it today HERE and fall in love with Canada’s #1 splinting material.

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