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White Cloth Electrodes

White Cloth Electrodes

These electrodes are made with the highest clinical standards. Best used for TENS, EMS, IF, and other electro-stim applications.

  • Standard Pigtail Reusable Self-Adhering Electrodes For Electrotherapy Stimulation 
  • Superior highly conductive electrodes deliver more current with better distribution across the entire pad.
  • A full coverage wire connector for reliability, durability and full dispersion.
  • Flexible carbon layer allows for flexibility, maximum charge delivery and comfort.
  • Premium White Cloth backing is comfortable, durable and safe.
  • Self Stick, durable and lasts for up to 10-15 uses.
  • White cloth electrodes in poly bag. 


Directions for use:

  • Clean and dry application site as needed.
  • Open the tamper-proof foil electrode pouch. Save pouch for later storage.
  • Remove the electrode from the package and peel the electrode away from the release sheet. Save release sheet for later storage.
  • If electrode seems dry, add a few drops of water to moisten.
  • Place electrode on exact skin location where recommended by the practitioner.
  • Attach electrode lead wires to TENS unit or other devices.

Electrodes should be replaced periodically once they become un-sticky and lose their adhesiveness.

Item # Description Unit Qty Price
RM-52-E1PWC2 2 x 2 inches Electrodes with White Cloth in Poly Bag - Pack of 4 Pk/4 log in
RM-52-E1PWC2-50 2 x 2 inches Electrodes with White Cloth in Poly Bag - Pack of 50 Pk/50 log in