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With the recent pandemic – COVID-19, Remington has added and will continue to add PPE products such as vinyl exam gloveslevel 1 Masksface shieldstreatment table paper,hand sanitizer,surface disinfectants and hand soap to help keep yourself, your patients and clinic safe.

Remington Medical is a pioneer in the hand antiseptic market in Canada; for over 25+ years we have been working with experts in Canada and Europe keeping the bar high when it comes to protecting us from harmful pathogens. Remington Medical introduced Manorapid a proven formula that kills 99.999% of harmful germs and at the same time retains if not improves the integrity of your hands. Manorapid is trusted in operating rooms, ICU’s, CCU’s laboratories and wards in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes across Canada.  This key to a great antiseptic not just efficacy but how compatible is it with your skin with repeated use.

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