Pelvic Health Products

Remington Medical has been supplying Pelvic Health products to therapists and end users for over 15 years! We supply hundreds of clinics with concrete solutions for their patients in many shapes and forms. Our goal is source and develop the best pelvic health portfolio to ensure that Women and Men have access to a pleather of gold standard products to get them better faster.

Remington was instrumental in bringing electrotherapy devices to help treat pelvic floor to Canada. The Pelvitone created by Verity was what started our journey in the Pelvic health realm. We saw the positive effects this device had on women and thought why stop there? We continue to grow our list of products for both Men and Women.

Some of the products in our portfolio include Biofeedback (EMG) and STIM devices, Dilators from Intimate Rose and VUVAtech, Pelvic Wands, Sensors and probes, Gels and lubricants and more !

If you need to reach out to one of our sales representatives and knowledgeable staff please CONTACT US HERE! 

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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