Tensoplast® – Heavy Weight Stretch Tape


Options Quantity
Tensoplast® (Heavy Weight Stretch Tape) - 2in X 5 Yd, 24 Rolls
Tensoplast® (Heavy Weight Stretch Tape) - 2in X 5 Yd, 1 Roll
Tensoplast® (Heavy Weight Stretch Tape) - 4in X 5 Yd, 1 Roll

The zinc oxide adhesive gives Tensoplast® excellent initial and long-term adhesion. Manufactured from 100% cotton.

• Reduces post injury and post-surgical edema by providing excellent compression and support

• Water repellent properties protect bandage from soaking and soiling

• High adhesive properties allow bandage to withstand stress of sporting activity

• High twist chain-link threads woven into the backing material provide elasticity

• Comforms to body contours while stretching without displacement


• Treatment of all conditions which require limitations of movement, such as sprains and strains.

• Correction of mal position and posture