Rehabilitation & Exercise Pulley Systems

Discover the excellence of Rehabilitation Pulleys at Remington Medical, proudly serving as Lojer’s Canadian distributor for over 20 years. Our selection of Lojer Pulleys, renowned for their Finnish innovation and enduring quality, has become a staple in clinics throughout Canada.

Lojer’s Rehabilitation Pulleys, engineered to offer patients optimal therapeutic benefits. Whether it’s enhancing blood circulation, aiding in rehabilitation, improving coordination, building endurance, or increasing strength, these pulleys are designed for your clinic. The versatility of Lojer’s Pulley traction devices, combined with a range of accessories, makes them indispensable for medical rehabilitation training.

Lojer’s unique Twin Speed Pulleys are available in both mobile and mounted variations, providing flexibility and convenience for different therapy settings. These pulleys are designed for dynamic and effective rehabilitation exercises, suitable for a range of patient needs. Additionally Remington medical carries the popular Standard Pulley, perfect for clinics looking for a reliable, standard-weight 1-1 ratio rehabilitation pulley system.

Our products cater to the specific needs of clinics across Canada, offering reliable, top-quality solutions for patient recovery and fitness. Explore our range of Rehabilitation Pulleys and experience the difference in patient care and rehabilitation outcomes with Lojer’s innovative equipment

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Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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