Therapeutic Modalities

One of the many strengths that sets Remington Medical above the industry standard is the number of unique therapeutic modalities that we carry. Choosing the right modality for your clinic is vital to the successful development of your patents health and trust. These are devices that rehabilitation specialists use to help heal soft tissue and accelerate the rate of recovery from injury or health-related problems. With over 40 years of experience, Remington Medical has handpicked modalities of the utmost highest quality from trusted suppliers from around the globe.

Electrical modalities including Storz Shockwave Therapy, Neubie TherapyUltrasound therapeutic machines, IFC, TENS, NMES, Nerve stimulation, LightForce® Lasers by Litecure, Biofeedback devices, Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy, electrodes, and ultrasound gels can all be used by therapists and doctors to help you get better faster!

Remington Medical also serves as an official Storz Shockwave Factory Authorized Repair facility as we are STORZ Medical’s longest Shockwave Canada distributor. We can repair any Storz Shockwave device including your MP50, MP100, MP200, MP50 Ultra, MP100 Ultra, Duolith Ultra shockwaves.

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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