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Remington Medical supplies a wide range of  medical tape, athletic tape, wraps, taping supplies such as scissors and adhesive sprays and education. Remington distributes some of the largest brands in taping including Renfrew, Andover, Cramer, and BSN medical.

Remington is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Kinesio Tape – which is the original kinesiology tape invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase. Unlike other imitation brands on the market – Kinesio tape is the original formula. One that is flexible enough to preserve range of motion, hypoallergenic imitates the thickness and resilience of human skin. Used by thousands of professionals across the globe – Kinesio is the brand you put your trust in.

Based on the principal of releasing the body’s natural healing power – anyone can use Kinesio tape to help improve recovery and reduce pain. Dr Kase’s unique method is used by famous athletes to deal with injuries, by elderly people managing joint pain, and by surgeons to speed post-surgical healing. Tens of thousands of trained medical and therapeutic practitioner’s worldwide use Kinesio Medical Taping which is the product of 40 years of evolution based on continuous research and clinical validation. We believe that people with passion to live different can change the world.  We offer 3 different tapes which are designed to achieve optimal patient results based on the condition being treated.

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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