Electrodes for Medical Devices / Modalities

Are you looking to buy premium Electrodes for your electrotherapy device(s)?  You’ve come to the right place! Remington Medical offers a large selection of electrodes for a magnitude of applications & devices. We partnered with Axelgaard electrodes to offer you Health Canada approved electrodes used by clinics, health care professionals and end users across the globe.

Most of our electrodes are universal, and can be used with electrotherapy devices like IFC (interferential Current) , TENS, NMES, and Biofeedback devices. We also offer a selection of Carbon Electrodes

Our newest addition to our electrode portfolio is our Remarkable Veristim Electrode. This is the best electrode in Canada and we can prove it! Built with Remarkable silver foil, the Veristim electrode is tested to have the lowest impedance amongst leading brands. We have yet to find an electrode that matches up with the Remarkable !

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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