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Novak M is a Slovenian family-owned and worldwide oriented company, providing designed medical equipment, which helps professionals and patients bring treatment to a higher level. Since 1979, every member of the team has been striving to combine industry expertise with innovative technology. Through excellent distribution networks worldwide we are working in close contact with the products’ end-users. This contributes to delivering high-quality medical equipment distinguished by a simple and clean design with patented solutions that provide full support at your work and great treatment experience. To help you choose a tailor-made product for your work, we introduced an easy to use the online configurator.

Novak S2 Massage Table

Features at a Glance

  • Two-part treatment table with adjustable drop arms and with manually adjustable head and foot sections
  • electrical height adjustment from all sides by means of a rotary switch
  • Numerous equipment options and accessories
  • high-quality imitation leather cover with welded seams
  • Unique and beautifully designed side walls for a wide treatment area. 
  • Reliable load capacity of up to 250 kg
Comfortable padding

Massage table S2 is designed with wide, durable, and stable treatment surface. Offered in a 8 cm soft foam for Massage Therapists or firm foam padding for those manual therapist looking for a more stable padding. Its edges are finished at a right angle, increasing the useful surface and making it equal to the table width. Seamless imitation leather that covers the padding is top-quality and pleasant to the touch. Therefore, your patients will lie in complete comfort during treatment.

Breathing hole & plug

The standard breathing hole at the head section comes with a matching plug. The edge of the breathing hole is made of memory foam and is thus softer. It provides comfort for your patients when the treatment requires a prone position. The seams around the hole are taped and welded to prevent the penetration of any liquids, massage oils and lotions in particular.

Perfect stability

When performing different kinds of massages and treatments, table stability is crucial. Therefore, the Massage table S2 stands firmly on its four rubber feet. Its weight capacity is up to 250 kg. When you treat your patient and apply stronger pressure, the table won’t bend or move.

Electric height adjustment

The new surround bar make adjusting the height table effortless for the therapist. Accessible from all sides of the table, the switch is operated by foot with a simple push up and down. You will effortlessly lift or lower the table for easy patient access and for treatment at the appropriate height.

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