Stimpod NMS 460

Stimpod NMS460 provides a non-invasive, non-drug solution with no side effects and rapid onset of action at a fraction of the cost of comparable treatments. Patented PRF waveform creates electromagnetic effects similar to corresponding invasive PRF treatments. Studies have shown instant and dramatic relief of chronic intractable pain.

Targeted Chronic Pain Treatment

With our electromagnetic therapies we can precisely target the biological processes that underlie pathological states. In contrast, the current standard of care exposes the entire body to a treatment regimen intended for one isolated biological process, therefore leaving the body at risk of systemic side effects. The Stimpod NMS460 incorporates nerve locating technology which features a nerve mapping probe, enabling practitioners to selectively target the neuropathic nerve without exposing other physiological systems to our electromagnetic therapies.

Assisting with Pathology Diagnosis

The shape of our patented waveform is such that it creates a comfortable sensation when treating a neuropathic nerve. In contrast, the sensation is usually uncomfortable in a healthy sensory nerve. This feature assists the practitioner in making an easy and accurate diagnosis of an affected nerve.

Measurable Progress

The recovery of sensory nerves can be measured by the level of comfort experienced at different stimulus intensities. This provides the practitioner with a quantifiable means to measure the patient’s progress. Similarly, when treating a motor nerve, the practitioner can use the intensity of the fasciculation after a motor response to gauge the progress of the treatment (i.e., Bell’s Palsy).

  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Migraines
  • Bells Palsy
  • Hand Crush Injury
  • Swollen bursa / rotator cuff injury
  • Meralgia Parasthetica
  • Arthritis
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Sciatic Pain 
  • + MORE

How does the Stimpod Work?

Non-Invasive Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) The therapeutic effect of the NMS460 waveform is based on the cellular metabolic activity observed when a neuropathic nerve is subjected to electromagnetic effects caused by pulsed radiofrequency (PRF). This cellular metabolic activity seems to change the characteristics of the nerve, which in many cases causes the nerve to recover back to its normal function.

Typically there are four phases associated with a pulsed radiofrequency procedure:

  • A stunning phase, which provides immediate relief.
  • Occasionally there may be a phase of post-procedure discomfort.
  • A phase of beneficial clinical effect.
  • A possible phase of recurrence of pain or paralysis

What is non-invasive PRF?

Electromagnetic therapies are designed to restore the natural functionality of nerve cells using a non-invasive approach. The therapy is administered with a pen-like stimulation probe on the skin surface and elicits a light electrical sensation.

Patented waveform delivers brief bursts of pulse stimulation triggering a long-lasting recovery through a metabolic biochemical cascade which targets the root cause of neurologically related diseases.

The induced electromagnetic field oscillates at frequencies in the range of the radio spectrum. It propagates as short bursts through the skin to the nerves and travels along the axons to the spinal dorsal horn, restoring the intra-neural communication pathways and the natural nerve functionality.

The short-burst electromagnetic stimulation in the radio frequency range is what classifies Algiamed’s non-invasive electromagnetic therapies as PRF.

Rapid Onset of Action

Algiamed’s electromagnetic therapies can be delivered effectively in as little as five minutes. It capitalizes on the solid-state physics structures associated with bio-electronics and, as such, have an immediate effect. In contrast, conventional TENS therapies utilize a much slower mechanism of action that modulates the neuro-humoral system through ionic flow. TENS can take up to 2 hours only to induce a temporary relief.

Patented Waveform Technology

Algiamed’s patented PRF waveform simultaneously delivers therapeutic effect and assists the practitioner in selectively targeting the pathological nerve. Observing the correct associated motor response confirms that the right motor nerve is being treated, as opposed to sensory nerves for which practitioners must rely on patient’s feedback for sensations of comfort or discomfort.

Quick Treatment Guide

Treatment with the NMS460 starts by locating the affected nerve. Through clinical evaluation, you can identify the nerve that is responsible for the symptoms, like chronic pain, nerve palsy etc. Once the nerve is located, use your anatomical knowledge to localize the most superficial aspects of the nerve.

Depending on the condition, you will either (A) treat a motor nerve or a sensory nerve within a combined sensory or motor nerve bundle, or (B) treat a pure sensory nerve.

Here you will find resources on neural surface anatomy for locating the best stimulation sites.



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