Electrify your Practice and Improve Outcomes

The Nervous System is Paramount

The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work neurologically, you can change everything else for the better – and do it much faster.

Technology Enhances Natural Processes, It Doesn’t Replace Them

We use technology to help the body become more efficient with its own processes. With the right signals, your body has the opportunity to heal itself from injury, build muscle, and create good health.

Provide A Safe Environment, So You Can Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Traditional rehab and training often have lackluster results because there is not enough of the right type of stimulation. We stimulate the nervous system to help people heal, adapt, and grow.

Neubie: The Ultimate in Neuromuscular Re-education

Re-educating muscles by tapping into the power of the nervous system. Physical therapists and chiropractors now have a powerful new tool for their practice to attract and retain patients. NEUBIE is NeuFit’s patented electrical stimulation device. It is an acronym for “NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR,” and is now Health Canada Approved! When the NEUBIE is combined with NeuFit protocols, the system provides for new methods of Neuromuscular Re-education. As we all know, the nervous system controls every muscle movement. If a movement dysfunction is contributing to your pain, keeping you injured, limiting your mobility, or robbing you of performance, then the NeuFit System may be able to help you.

The Science What Makes The Neubie Different ?

The NEUBIE is unique for several reasons. It uses pulsed direct current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC); it has unique effects on the body’s tissues to promote healing; and it has unique effects on the nervous system that, when combined with the NeuFit System, allows practitioners to provide a meaningful dose of neuromuscular re-education. Using DC is important, because it has numerous, positive biological effects. DC fields have been shown to accelerate the body’s own physiological processes of healing, repair, and regeneration, (1-6) and to have unique effects on the nervous/neuromuscular system. (6-9) Although this has been known for a long time, most devices out there are alternating current (AC). These devices are cheaper and easier to engineer, and most people don’t know the difference. Unfortunately, they won’t have anywhere near the same effect at the cellular level.

In addition to having positive effects on tissues, the NEUBIE is used along with the NeuFit System for neuromuscular re-education. The NeuFit system is based on new research showing that electrical stimulation can affect reflex patterns, (10-13) brain activity, (14-17) muscle output, (18-19) and pain. (20-22) Treatments with the NEUBIE and NeuFit System are active rather than passive. Traditional e-stim treatments have patients lying down, passively accepting the current and not moving. In contrast, the DC signal of the NEUBIE actually permits movement, even at therapeutic levels of stimulation. This allows for optimal, eccentric contractions, which research is proving to be a major factor in effective rehabilitation (23-25).

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What indications can clinicians treat with the Neubie & NeuFit Method?

Clinicians have also seen success using the NeuFit Method to help patients with neuromuscular re-education and regaining function lost due to:

How the The NeuFit® System Works

1. Identify

The “software” of the nervous system controls everything related to health, recovery, and performance. We perform a series of manual muscle tests plus map your body with the NEUBIE to precisely identify the underlying nervous system issues that delay recovery.

2. Reset

We use manual therapy and neurological stimulation with the NEUBIE to change those neurological patterns and very quickly re-educate the body back to a state of more normal, optimal functioning.

3. Breakthrough

By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along – it was just lying dormant, unable to be expressed.

Multiple Sclerosis | Dr. Terry Wahls, MD

“Electrical stimulation of muscles is a powerful technique to rebuild muscle mass and strength. It is also helpful for reducing the harm of inactivity which is critical for those who are disabled by their illness. I consider NeuFit and their trained professionals to be the very best at utilizing electrical stimulation and exercise to rehabilitate those who have had a traumitic spinal cord injury, stroke or multiple sclerosis (or other neuromuscular disease). They are my preferred professional team with whom to work!”

Although the Neubie device is not indicated to treat M.S., the NeuFit System has been able to help some people with M.S. manage their symptoms and improve quality of life. The NEUBIE device is able to reduce spasms, increase range of motion, improve circulation, prevent atrophy, and provide neuromuscular re-education. With the NeuFit protocols, this combination has enabled some people with M.S. to improve function, become more mobile, and return to activities that had become challenging or impossible.
In this video, Dr. Terry Wahls interviews NeuFit’s Founder, Garrett Salpeter in a preview of Garrett’s talk at the 2020 Wahls Seminar. They talk about some of the basics of neuroplasticity, and review the use of direct current to tap into the power of neuroplasticity to restore lost physical function.

Neufit | Research

Neufit is currently conducting several formal, scientific research projects and are excited to share those results with you as they become available. The products will be posted here in the near future. In the meantime, here are some sample case studies from our partner clinics that will give you an idea of the range of outcomes being seen with the NeuFit method.

55 Year Old Elite Amateur Golfer with Chronic Back Pain

64 Year Old Male with Pain, Hemiplegia and Hemiparesis
51-Year-Old Male Attorney with 2+ Years of Chronic Low Back Pain
64-Year-Old Female with Significant Back Pain 11-months post Lumbar Fusion Surgery
19-Year-Old Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Patient (ASIA C, T-10)

Still not sure if the Neubie can help? Watch a few of the video testimonials below to hear firsthand how we Neubie has helped change lives of patients!

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