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Novak M is a Slovenian family-owned and worldwide oriented company, providing designed medical equipment, which helps professionals and patients bring treatment to a higher level. Since 1979, every member of the team has been striving to combine industry expertise with innovative technology. Through excellent distribution networks worldwide we are working in close contact with the products’ end-users. This contributes to delivering high-quality medical equipment distinguished by a simple and clean design with patented solutions that provide full support at your work and great treatment experience. To help you choose a tailor-made product for your work, we introduced an easy to use the online configurator.

physiotherapy supplies
A perfectly equipped table to perform Osteopathy and other demanding therapies.​
The Novak S8 Osteopath treatment table provides outstanding stability, maximum comfort, and accessibility for the therapist. The S8 was engineered to be a tool that works with the therapist.
Fully adjustable for various treatments
this one of a kind treatment table has 8 sections that are fully customizable to adapt to any given treatment, providing the therapist full access to the patient. The s8 also has a slim base which ensures the therapist to have maximum range of motion when preforming treatment, allowing them to access areas such as the neck, even from a seated position.
The most comfortable experience
The padding is lined with the highest quality foam to make the patients experience as comfortable as possible (Foam density can be change upon request).
Patient Safety
The Novak S8 is perfectly stable due to the well constructed base and non slip rubber feet. The S8 is designed to hold the industry standard 250 kg weight capacity. Even when practitioners apply strong pressure or when the patients roll over, the table won’t move, bounce or bend.
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Novak M S8 Features

Foldable side wings

You can access your patient more easily to perform the treatment. The wings need only a slight push forward and down to lower them. When you push them up again, they lock in the position.

Retractable castors

The S8 is equipped with small retractable castors. Moving the table is effortless when the castors are engaged with a simple push on the lever. Due to the shock absorber, the castors release is soft. Once on the no-slip rubber feet, it is nearly impossible to move the table with any amount of force.

Hand switch

A handy and simple-to-use hand switch, standard with Therapy table S8. Controls the positioning of your patients by adjusting the two middle sections of the table. The head and foot section of the table are controlled manually.

Circular switch

A smooth, quiet electric motor operates height of the S8 therapy table. A engaging surround bar surrounds the base of the table and with a simple up and down operation, you raise and lower the table with ease with your foot.

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