Novak S8 Osteopathy Table



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Novak S8 Therapy Table

… a perfectly equipped table to perform osteopathy and other demanding therapies.



Foldable side wings

If you drop the side wings integrated in the back section, your patient’s shoulder girdle and back will be completely relaxed. You can also access your patient more easily to perform the treatment. The wings need only a slight push forward and down to lower them. When you push them up again, they lock in the position.

Adjustable Arm Rest / 3 Part Head section 

You can position the armrests to appropriate height to gain a comfortable and completely relaxing position. Both armrests adjust at the same time by pressing the lever with one hand and pushing them down with the other. The adjustment mechanism is integrated in the frame allowing you unimpeded access to the patient even when carrying out treatments seated at the head section.

Hand switch

A handy and simple-to-use hand switch, standard with Therapy table S8 will ease the positioning of your patients. It includes a CPR button for fully extended position, an SOS button for Trendelenburg position and a memory function to store your preferred position

Circular switch

An electric motor operates height adjustment of the Therapy table S8. Due to the circular switch with a simple up and down operation, you can easily lift or lower the table. It is very handy as you operate it with your foot from all sides of the table.

Retractable castors

As it is equipped with small retractable castors, you can move the therapy table with no effort at all. Simply activate the castors by pushing a lever. Due to the shock absorber, the castors release is soft. To get the table back on its rubber feet, push the lever again.

Four-section lying surface

You can adjust the two middle sections of the Therapy table S8 by using a hand switch as they are electrically operated. You will position your patients, particularly heavier ones, easier, as the two sections bear the majority of your patients’ weight. The head and leg sections are adjusted manually. As they are supported by gas springs, you press the lever and easily set them into the desired position.

Fully adjustable for various treatments

Massage and therapy tables feature electric height adjustment. By the circular switch with a simple up&down operation, you can ensure easy and safe access for your patients and appropriate height to work not to cause harm to your health. The three-, four- and eight- section therapy table models feature two electrically operated table sections to ease the patient positioning, with overweight patients in particular. They also include a simple-to-use hand switch to ease the positioning.

Massage and therapy tables are perfectly stable due to the sturdy base and standard 250 kg weight capacity. Even when practitioners apply strong pressure or when the patients roll over, the table won’t move or bend.

Retractable castors featuring a shock absorber to soften the release and lifting of the castors allow you to effortlessly move the table across the room if necessary.