Evaluation & Diagnostic Tools

Discover our comprehensive range of diagnostic tools and equipment tailored for physical therapy, sports medicine, and rehabilitation. Accurate assessment is crucial to ensure your patients’ treatment progress aligns with their goals. Our diverse product lineup covers sports therapy, balance, sensory functions, range of motion, strength, fitness, and mobility. Explore a variety of resources, from human anatomy charts and models to manual muscle testers, force gauges, hand evaluation dynamometers, and pinch gauges.

Explore our specialized evaluation offerings, including Strength Evaluations, Goniometers, anatomy charts and models, and cutting-edge sensory tests like the Achieva™ SMART-Mirror™. Experience the ultimate in diagnostic innovation with the Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) – an affordable solution utilizing gold standard force plate technology. It delivers precise measurements for objective balance assessment and training, setting a new standard in the diagnostic tool market.

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