Shockwave | Orthopedics

Storz Medical the leaders in shock wave systems have been used in orthopaedic applications since 1992.  Remington Medical was first to introduce the Storz Medical lineup of Shockwaves over 10 years ago to the Canadain market and became the trusted name for  Sales, Service and Education in Shockwave technology across Canada.

Featuring Storz’s flagship Duolith SD1 Modular shockwave therapy combining Focus (F-SW) and Radial (R-SW) with a feature-rich control module, to the Desktop versions of the Focus and Radial Shockwave, we have a solution for all your Shockwave needs and can tailor the right package for your clinic.  Contact us today and create your shockwave package.

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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