Storz Medical Duolith SD1 Radial Shockwave (RSW)


The Gold Standard
Storz SD1 Radial Shockwave

The Duolith SD1 Ultra Radial module is the Storz Medical gold standard in Shockwave Therapy systems, and it is exclusively available through Remington Medical in Canada. The SD1 shockwave system is distinguished by its incredibly powerful compressor, allowing clinicians to operate at maximum output without any downtime or the need for cooldown periods between patients, a feature not found in competing pressure wave systems.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the SD1 radial module seamlessly integrates into a cutting-edge medical trolley, enhancing both the effectiveness of your shockwave therapy practice and the aesthetics of your clinic. As your clinic grows, the SD1 offers the flexibility to easily add a focus shockwave module to the stackable tower, positioning your clinic as a dominant force in the field of shockwave therapy.


The Falcon™ Radial Handpiece

The high-performance »FALCON« R-SW handpiece allows the radial module to be operated also independently of the control unit. All treatment parameters such as pressure, frequency, contact pressure and number of shocks can be uniquely entered and retrieved via the operating panel of the handpiece display. The »Skin Touch« sensor integrated into the »FALCON« handpiece serves for starting or stopping the triggering of pulses directly at the patient by pressing slightly on the skin.

SD1 Ultra Radial Shockwave Features

The high-performance »FALCON« R-SW handpiece allows the radial module to be operated independently of the control unit.

  • Control functions all integrated into the FALCON handpiece display and tablet. 
  • Extended energy range: 0.3 – 5 bar
  • Frequency – 1-21 Hz
  • Radial Handpiece with »Skin Touch« sensor
  • 4 connections: 2 x R-SW, 1 x V-ACTOR®
  • 1 x VACU-ACTOR®
  • Vibration therapy with V-ACTOR® handpiece (optional)
  • VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy
  • Comes with the R-15 and D-20s Transmitters for the »FALCON«Hand piece


Unlock the Artistry of Healing with
Radial Shockwave Applicators

Storz has meticulously crafted each applicator to serve specific medical needs. Storz has pushed the boundaries of engineering to ensure that RSW applicators are more than just tools – they are instruments of healing art.

Whether it’s the gentle touch of Atlas silicone Applicator or the uncompromising strength of the highest grade titanium, Storz applicators are designed with precision and purpose. These materials are carefully selected to alter the way the pressure wave is delivered into the body, ensuring that every stroke of the shockwave is perfectly attuned to the canvas of your patient’s health.

V-Actor® (Vibration Therapy)

Physiological muscle vibrations at a frequency of up to 35 Hz act as the strongest driving force of microcirculatory processes. Muscle vibrations also improve lymphatic drainage. Smallest lymphatic channels open up to absorb tissue debris which binds the lymph in the ground substance. Lymphoedema can be reduced. Elongation of fascial and muscle fibres by means of the V-ACTOR® restores normal muscle tone as muscle shortening and hardening is eliminated.

Ideal for:

Myofascial pain syndrome, Craniomandibular dysfunction Aesthetic indications: Cellulite treatment, lymphatic drainage, wellness, and massage.

  • Muscle and connective tissue relaxation, elimination of adhesions 
  • Improved microcirculation 
  • Stimulation and acceleration of metabolic activity
  • Improved lymphatic activity leading to targeted and faster removal of waste products and toxins
  •  Improved neuromuscular performance 
  • Well-being through increased hormone release (serotonin) 
  • Stress reduction through lower cortisol level Revitalisation
  • 1 – 35 Hz high-frequency vibration therapy
  • Energy: 1.4 – 5 bar
  • Exchangeable pulse transmitters Vibration head size:          V10 (10 mm), V25 (25 mm), V40 (40 mm)

The Vacu-Actor® (Vacuum Therapy)


Principles of Suction Wave The force conversion zone – from decompression to compression – is present around the complete inner diameter of the VACU-Cup and follows the movement of the VACU-Cup in dynamic application. This provides a rolling, gliding stretch to the tissue, performing a connective tissue massage. The mechanic effect reaches from skin level into the profound subcutaneous tissue layers to fascia and muscle fibres

»Suction Wave Therapy« indications 

  • Suction Wave Therapy is an ideal tool to prepare tissue and patient for any kind of intense myofascial release technique – for example ESWT.
  • Severe tissue adhesions or other structural connective tissue disorders 
  • Areas with subcutaneous metabolic malperformance

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