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Remington Medical represents a number of manufacturers with wholesale pricing allowing their products to be sold through dealers throughout the Canadian market. We have been selling dealer based products in Canada for 30 years to home health care dealers, sports medicine and fitness retail, pharmacies.

We have core products listed below that are suited for sale through dealers and have an excellent discount structure that will allow you to earn a good margin and be competitive in our Canadian market.

If you are a high performing dealer who understands the value of working with Remington Medical, then we recommend you to take the next step!  Fill out the request form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to get your account set up with us !

Once you have established an account with Remington Medical our team will evaluate the needs of your business and determine the level of discounts that would apply for your business. Based on your sales volume or potential volume additional discounts may apply.

You will see that Remington Medical carries a wide variety of products on our web site many are specialized therefore only the products that we have determined that are dealer products will have discounts applied.

Dealers can purchase most products from our website at discounts that are available to you when you log in your account. If you see a product that you can sell in reasonable quantities please ask us and we can determine pricing that may be suitable for all parties.

Manorapid Dispenser (1)
Manorapid Dispenser
Manorapid Dispenser (1)
verity medical



1. Must have a ship to address in Canada

2. Financial stability

3. Good reputation for service and business attributes


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