Remarkable™ CMC Thumb Splint



Options Quantity
Remarkable™ CMC Splint, Large Left
Remarkable™ CMC Splint, Large Right
Remarkable™ CMC Splint, Medium Left
Remarkable™ CMC Splint, Medium Right
Remarkable™ CMC Splint, Small Left
Remarkable™ CMC Splint, Small Right

The Remarkable CMC

The Remarkable CMC thumb brace provides superior support for the CMC thumb joint allowing for maximized hand function.

The Remarkable CMC was constructed to ensure comfort while still maintaining a strong performing brace. This is executed by having a silicone edge at the thumb, an adjustable thin hook and loop strap for attachment, and a metal stay for moulding to your thumb!


Other Features include:

  • Ergonomic frame provides superior support and excellent comfort of CMC joint
  • Fully washable brace
  • Easy to apply and adjust with simple straps.



  • Osteoarthtitis of the CMC joint
  • Postoperative treatment of the cmc joint
  • Instability of the CMC joint



  • Loosen both the bands of the brace. Slide the brace around your thumb, with the bands at the back of the hand. The aluminium stay can be adjusted and curved to fit the hand.
  • Keep your fingers and thumb bent in a functional position, secure the lower band and then the upper band.


Sizing: Measure the circumference of the MCP joints (knuckles).

  • Small = 16 – 19 cm
  • Medium = 19 – 23 cm
  • Large  = 23 – 26 cm