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Selection Ulnar Deviation is designed to manage Ulnar Deviation by correcting the alignment of finger joints, enhancing hand extension, strength, and functionality. It also helps reduce pain and joint stiffness.

Textile hand/finger orthosis is designed for managing Ulnar Deviation, aligning the finger joints to enhance hand extension, strength, and functionality. This can lead to reduced pain and joint stiffness. It is particularly suitable for patients with arthritis, as Ulnar Deviation is a common symptom of various inflammatory conditions, including Rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, it’s beneficial for individuals with joint laxity and muscle weakness to help with realignment and stabilization.

Indications for Use:

  • For patients with inflammatory and degenerative diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, which cause ulnar deviation.
  • For individuals with hypermobile joints and weak muscles, providing necessary stability.
  • Not suitable for use with fixed contractures of the hand.

Product Features:

  • Material: Composed of polyester, nylon, and lycra.
  • Latex-free to prevent allergic reactions.
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Selection Wrist orthosis for enhanced support.
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