Manuthera 242 Mobilization Table

The most versatile treatment table in the world

Manuthera 242

Featuring unique patented technology designed by Finnish experts, the Manuthera® 242 mobilization and manipulation table supports the therapist’s work and ensures the best possible diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Manuthera 242 is an all-in-one treatment table for demanding examination and treatment use by various manual therapists, such as sports massage therapists, naprapaths, osteopaths, OMT physiotherapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors. Manuthera 242 takes the therapist’s work to a new level and supports countless treatment and diagnosis methods thanks to its patented operation system based on two synchronised motors, unique multi-traction features and various other functionalities, as well as its structure.

The patient can be moved to therapeutic and anatomical key positions smoothly and quietly. Mobility treatment can be carried out 3-dimensionally using the traction, flexion, lateral flexion and rotation features of the table, as well as gravity. The table design, twin motor system and the frame with bearings in all moving parts enhance the ergonomics of the therapist’s work and make it less burdening, which enables even better treatment results.



  • Extremely wide range of Hi-Lo adjustment
  • NEW Electronic Tilt up / Tilt down function for gravity-based treatment; also enabling easier access for patients onto the table. Spinal decompression has never been this efficient and pleasant for the patient!
  • Adjustable legs with support paws
  • Lockable castors for easy mobility.
  • Face section folding two ways and featuring advanced 3D functionalities for the safe mobilization of the cervical spine and neck through vertical and lateral head movement.
  • NEW Two-piece thorax section element for vertical thorax bending and a 3D rotational motion. A unique tool for thorax mobilization and manipulation!
  • Lower body section with extension/flexion, lateral movement and 3D rotational motion. NEW: lower body rotation feature
  • Multi-position foot section: upright position, footrest when lying down, and stepping board function.
  • Easy-to-use, sturdy and ergonomic knobs for locking the movement to the desired position.
  • NEW: drop function New technology: traction drop, which enables easier and more diverse hip area manipulation.
  • Arm rests with stepless height adjustment and lateral movement. The arm rests can be attached to the side to function as side supports.
  • Front and back Total lock supports provide additional support for burdening treatment techniques and make the table very sturdy in every section.
  • Safety edge stops all table adjustments from being touched.
  • Easy-care, durable, bio-compatible soft moulded lying surface


“To be a successful manual therapist, you need to provide the best possible care in order to generate referrals and ultimately grow your practice. You also need to accomplish this in a timely manner, and without wearing yourself out in the process. With the Manuthera table, it makes this entirely possible with VERY little effort or thought, as it feels so natural to find and fix joint and soft tissue restrictions in all patient types. I simply cannot see myself practicing without it now that I have used it.”

-RICKI PORTER, RMT (R3 Integrative Health)


  Manuthera Brochure (English)

  Manuthera Brochure (French)


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Technical Specifications

Total length 190 cm
Total width 54 cm
Lying surface Soft moulded -mattress
Height adjustment (hi-lo) 49..105 cm
Tilt Up / Down Electrical 52°/32°
Head section
movement (3D)
+35°/-35° (vertical)
0..18° (horizontal)
50° (forward tilt)
+28 cm/- 5 cm (height adjustment of the horizontal plane)
0..6 cm (traction)
Arm support movement +3..-23 cm (vertical)
Upper thorax -section
movement (3D)
+15°/-13° (vertical)
0..18° (horizontal)
Lower body section
movement (3D)
+21,5°/max -40° (vertical)
0..18° (horizontal)
0..20° (rotation)
0..8 cm (traction)
Foot support movement 0..85° ( vertical)
0..90° (foot rest tilt)
Safe working load (SWL) 150 kg
Total weight 170 kg
Electrical system (2 only push actuators) 24 V
Warranty 2 years
Country of manufacture Finland
CE -marking (MDD) Yes