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Remington Medical is Canada’s premiere Shockwave Therapy educator. Quality training & education is the missing piece in becoming the most successful shockwave therapy practice. We are here excel your practice to the next level! 


Remington Medical holds exclusive distribution rights for the Storz SD1 line and the Storz Magnetolith. Contact us today to learn more about our unique technology that will set you apart from the competition.


Remington Medical is home to Canada’s only Storz Certified service department. Remington’s in-house service has you covered from device inspections and calibrations to full repairs, getting you up and running with little to no downtime. 

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Leaders in innovation and education makes Storz Medical the trusted name for Healthcare Practitioners and patients on all five continents.  Remington Medical has proudly distributed Storz Medical Shockwave Therapy devices for over 15 years in Canada.  We pride ourselves in being the preferred dealer by customers across Canada in providing Shockwave Sales, Service, and Education.

Remington Medical offers Radial Pressure Wave and Focus Shockwave devices in the fields of OrthopaedicsUrology, VeterinaryAesthetics and Neurology.  Clinics and Hospitals have relied on Remington’s in house factory-trained service technician who can Service and Repair all your Storz Medical shockwave devices.

Remington Medical holds exclusive distribution rights for the Storz SD1 flagship line and the Storz Magnetolith EMTT Thearp. Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT®) with the Storz MAGNETOLITH® opens up new possibilities in regeneration and rehabilitation. The areas of application include diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as lower back pain and tendinopathies of the rotator cuff or achilles tendon.

The Masterpuls One Radial Shockwave is a great starter unit for a smaller clinic wanting to introduce Radial Pressurewave / Radial Shockwave or adding a second unit to a busy clinic while having a portable unit for home treatment or sports teams

The Storz Medical Duolith SD1 Modular unit allows a clinic to start with the Radial Pressure Wave Module with Stand and can add a Focus Shockwave module anytime as their clinic grows.  Best practice shows a combination approach using both Radial and Focus Shockwave to treat. This unit has the ability to switch between Aesthetics, Urology, Orthopaedics, and Woundcare protocols.  A truly versatile unit.

The Duolith SD1 T-TOP or short for Table Top is the choice of clinics that wish to only offer focus shockwave. Popular for those who wish to treat Urological conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction or Peyronies Disease.

A Radial Shockwave / Pressure wave device such as the Masterpuls Ultra MP100 or the Masterpuls Ultra MP200 can be added at any time to the Duolith SD1 T-Top unit to create a Combined Unit. A truly unbeatable combo in any clincal setting.

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Remington Medical’s number one priority is customer satisfaction.  We pride ourself with the amount of positive feedback we get from our customers on the quality of products from Storz Medical, hands-on training and education from our staff, and our after care service.

Put your trust in Remington Medical to help grow your clinic to the next level. 

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