Which Radial Shockwave is right for you?

Which Radial Shockwave is right for you?

by Kyle Lee, O.T. Reg (Ont.)

Which Radial Shockwave is right for you?

Why is the Storz Medical DUOLITH SD1 Radial Shockwave the most versatile and best shockwave investment you can make?

After 15+ years of selling shockwave devices in Canada, it is still a joy to have a first-time clinic owner call or come into our showroom with the question, which shockwave should I buy?

Do you start with Radial or Focused?  For the purpose of this discussion, we will discuss only Radial Shockwave.  A future blog will cover Focused.


These are the top items to consider when purchasing a shockwave.

Navigating all the manufactures and models can be quite confusing.  The first question I ask is if the unit will be used in a clinic setting or will it have to be portable. I.e. moved from clinic to clinic or for a traveling therapist.  If portability is key, the Storz Medical Masterpuls one is your answer.  This cube-shaped designed shockwave coupled with a sturdy handle and carrying case makes this the ultimate portable device! 

Featuring the bulletproof Sparrow handpiece and 5 available applicators (Both the DI-15 and D 20 which come with the unit and are the most standard and most widely used applicators) will have you treating all the common protocols within minutes of unpacking!  Many clinics have also gravitated to the Masterpuls one as a cost-effective way to add a backup or 2nd shockwave to a busy clinic.

If the unit will remain in a clinic with multiple patients back to back, the Flagship Storz Medical Duolith SD1 Radial shockwave is your answer.  Exclusive only to Remington Medical, this device is and will be the only Radial Shockwave device to consider.  When choosing a Shockwave device, these are the important points to consider.  Grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s review all the features.


Bars and Frequency
The Duolith Sd1 Radial has a large compressor allowing full 5 bars at 21 Hz. It is a smooth running compressor and quieter than the other smaller units with a smaller compressor.  The unit can treat back-to-back clients without hesitation. There are units on the market that requires the unit to “cool” down as the handpiece will overheat causing downtime.

Service?  What does this have to do with buying a new piece of equipment?  It has everything to do with the company you decide to invest your money with into a shockwave.  Storz has a long history of swiss craftsmanship but things do happen, and it is how companies deal with it.  Remington Medical is the only Authorized Storz Medical Shockwave Repair facility in Canada.  Our technician, Tom was trained at Storz head office and will take care of all your Shockwave repair needs.  Even if you did not purchase it from us.

Modular / Scalability
Future-proofing your shockwave therapy machine is the best investment.  The Duluth SD1 is a modular system.  A focus device can be added anytime to harness the power of a combination approach to shockwave treatment.  RSW and FSW combination therapy was the secret sauce for the early adaptors to the technology 10 years ago. Now it is a common practice worldwide.

Dare to compare the wide range of applicators in the Storz line up.  Don’t waste your time as nothing comes even close.  With over 12 applicators, the peri-actor, Spine-actor, and V-actor you will have the right tool for every application. A chef would not use a butcher knife to carve a fine cut of meat nor would you use an applicator meant for deep penetration on a superficial issue.

The Duolith SD1 Radial Shockwave is not just a Shockwave.  The engineers at STORZ took advantage of the compressor and reversed the function to not push out acoustic waves but to allow for suction.  The Vacuactor allows for decompression and compression along the VACU-CUP and allows for movement across the tissues.  This allows for a connective tissue massage and has a profound effect on subcutaneous tissue to the fascia and muscle fibers.

The Storz SD1 Radial Shockwave features the Falcon Handpiece.  This has the LCD screen built into the handpiece which allows you to control and see the number of shocks applied and control the BAR of pressure and Frequency (HZ) during treatment.  Shockwave application is an ART and the therapist has to be in tune with the patient at all times to minimize discomfort and maximize results.  Having full control at your fingertips makes this possible.  The Falcon Handpiece is also designed to treat at .2 Bars of pressure.  Important for sensitive areas.

Revision Kits
By nature of having a compressor driving a projectile onto the applicator,  Shockwaves do have wearable parts that have a certain lifespan.  STORZ technology allows for in-office revisions of the projectile and other wearable parts within minutes to minimize downtime.  Other manufacturers require an exchange program which can result in patient cancellations.

Access to webinars, training, and articles are at your fingertips with STORZ ICE portal.  Available to all customers of Storz.  No other manufacturer puts more into education than Storz Medical.

I left this for last.  If you purchase a unit at a budget price but cannot perform the functions you require it to, then the equipment has not lived up to its expectation.  Many of our clinics will lease equipment and pay it off while generating revenue.  Speak to us or your leasing professional about the advantages of a lease.


Still, have questions about Radial Shockwave? Contact us now and speak with a dedicated specialist today.

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