The Best Thumb CMC Braces for CMC Thumb Arthritis: Comfort, Support, and Reliability


CMC Braces for Thumb Arthritis


Thumb arthritis, specifically CMC (Carpometacarpal) thumb arthritis, can be a debilitating condition that affects individuals of all ages. Thankfully, thumb braces offer effective support and relief for those dealing with this condition. In this blog, we will explore the top thumb CMC braces for CMC thumb arthritis, providing valuable insights to both professionals and consumers. We will discuss the unique features and benefits of each brace, empowering readers to make informed decisions for their practice or personal needs.

What is CMC Thumb Arthritis?


CMC (Carpometacarpal) thumb arthritis is a common condition that affects the base of the thumb joint, where the thumb connects to the wrist. This type of arthritis can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility, making simple tasks such as gripping objects or turning keys challenging and uncomfortable. CMC thumb arthritis often develops due to wear and tear over time or as a result of an injury to the thumb joint. It primarily affects individuals who engage in repetitive thumb movements or have a history of thumb injuries. Furthermore, certain factors like genetics, age, and hormonal changes can contribute to the development and progression of CMC thumb arthritis.


How to manage my CMC Thumb Arthritis?


Thumb braces have emerged as an effective solution for managing CMC thumb arthritis. These braces provide essential support, stability, and protection to the thumb joint, helping alleviate pain and discomfort. Let’s delve into how these braces can offer relief and promote healing:

  1. Support and Stability: Thumb CMC braces specifically designed for CMC thumb arthritis are constructed to provide targeted support and stability to the thumb joint. By immobilizing or restricting the movement of the joint, these braces allow the affected area to rest and heal. The support offered by the braces reduces stress on the joint, alleviating pain and inflammation associated with CMC thumb arthritis.
  2. Pain Reduction: One of the primary goals of thumb braces for CMC thumb arthritis is to reduce pain and discomfort. The braces help by distributing pressure away from the affected joint, allowing for a more even distribution of force during activities. By reducing the strain on the joint, braces can provide immediate relief from pain and help individuals resume their daily activities with greater comfort.
  3. Protection and Preventing Further Damage: Thumb braces act as a protective barrier, shielding the thumb joint from additional injuries and potential aggravation. They provide a cushioning effect, absorbing shocks and impact during daily tasks. By preventing excessive movement or awkward positioning of the thumb, these braces help protect the joint and minimize the risk of further damage.
  4. Enhanced Functionality: Thumb braces for CMC thumb arthritis are designed to strike a balance between providing support and maintaining essential thumb movements. While they restrict excessive motion that may exacerbate pain, the braces still allow for necessary thumb functions, such as grasping and gripping objects. This ensures that individuals can continue to perform their daily tasks with improved functionality, despite the limitations imposed by arthritis.


The popular CMC Braces


Comfort Cool CMC Brace: One of the highly recommended thumb braces for CMC thumb arthritis is the Comfort Cool CMC brace, available through Remington Medical. This is a popular splint prescribed by Canadain therapists to patients due to its affordability, sizing options and light weight breathable material.  Let’s explore the two styles :

  • CMC Restriction: The Comfort Cool CMC brace comes in a CMC Restriction variation, this provides direct support for the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function. This provides stability and reduces pain by allowing the joint to rest and heal. It proves beneficial during activities involving gripping or pinching. This splint is also great for medial subluxation.
  • CMC Abduction Splint: Another variation available is the CMC Abduction brace. This is the exact same style as the CMC Restriction however it comes with a firm, moldable insert inside the thumb strap. It helps maintain proper thumb alignment and prevents excessive stress on the joint. This design is ideal for treating thumb deformity and contractures due to neurological conditions, median nerve injuries or arthritis, especially where the thumb is held abducted against the palm.

Additionally, Remington Medical offers pediatric sizes of the Comfort Cool CMC brace, ensuring that children in need to abduct and stabilize the first metacarpal and open the thumb web space can also benefit from the CMC splint’s therapeutic qualities.

Push ortho Thumb Brace CmcPush Ortho CMC Brace: is a reputable brand that originated in the Netherlands, has been a prominent player in the orthopedic brace industry for an impressive 34 years. With a rich history of providing innovative and effective bracing solutions, Push has established itself as a trusted name in the field.

Considered the premier choice among thumb braces for CMC thumb arthritis, the Push Ortho CMC brace is highly popular for its superior construction and effectiveness. Here’s why it stands out:

The Push Ortho CMC brace, available through Remington Medical, is meticulously designed to provide optimal support, stability, and pain relief. Its anatomical shape and adjustable features allow for a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality. The brace effectively stabilizes the CMC joint while still permitting essential thumb movements. The high-quality materials used in its construction enhance durability, making it a long-lasting option for daily wear. With its excellent reputation and positive feedback from professionals and consumers alike, the Push Ortho CMC brace is a top choice for individuals seeking a reliable solution to manage their CMC thumb arthritis.


CMCcare Thumb Brace by Basko:Basko Healthcare CMCcare Thumb Brace - Comfortable, Effective Relief for CMC Joint Arthritis Pain (Small-Right) : Health & Personal Care In addition to the previously mentioned braces, another notable option for CMC thumb arthritis is the CMCcare Thumb Brace by Basko. Let’s explore why this brace deserves recognition:

The CMCcare Thumb Brace by Basko is designed to provide targeted support and stability to the CMC joint. Its unique construction includes a rigid frame made of lightweight materials, offering excellent control and immobilization of the thumb. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who require maximum restriction of thumb motion to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Remarkable CMC Splint: For those seeking an economical yet dependable option, the Remarkable CMC Splint offers a viable solution. While it may be more budget-friendly, this brace does not compromise on quality or functionality. Here’s why it deserves your attention:

The Remarkable CMC Splint provides essential support to the CMC joint, reducing pain and discomfort. Its simple yet effective design stabilizes the thumb, allowing for increased comfort and functionality during daily activities. The splint has an adjustable stay and comes in three sizes to accommodate different hand sizes, ensuring a snug fit and proper alignment. The Remarkable CMC Splint is a perfect splint for those that just need a basic support.


Choosing the right thumb brace is crucial for effectively managing CMC thumb arthritis. The Comfort Cool CMC, Push Ortho CMC, Basko CMC, and Remarkable CMC Splint are all excellent options, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you require specific motion restriction, customized support, or an economical choice, these braces can provide the comfort, support, and reliability needed to alleviate pain and improve functionality.


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