Kinesio® Light Touch Plus


Options Quantity
Kinesio® Light Touch - Orange, 2in X 16.4 Feet Roll
Kinesio® Light Touch - Green, 2in X 16.4 Feet Roll
Kinesio® Light Touch - Purple, 2in X 16.4 Feet Roll
Kinesio® Light Touch - Pink, 2in X 16.4 Feet Roll
Kinesio® Light Touch - Yellow, 2in X 16.4 Feet Roll
Kinesio® Light Touch - Blue, 2in X 16.4 Feet Roll

The new Kinesio® Tex Light Touch+ (LT) tape presents a unique formula, gentle enough for all skin types. It offers an alternative for pediatric to geriatric patients, and anyone with a tendency to skin sensitivity. Its focus on the dermis and superficial fascia skin layers attracts fluid thus creating space for lymphatic movement. This in turn creates multi-directional soft motion: an action similar to memory foam. Light Touch provides a shift of misaligned tissue into its correct position by means of light stimulation.

Comfortable Use
Sensitive Skin (Pediatric, Geriatric, Face)
Micro-Air-Pocket Technology
1 Roll of Uncut Kinesio® Tex Tape
Recommended for medical use.