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KINESIO® TEX GOLD LIGHT TOUCH+ (LT) Gentle Enough for ALL Skin Types

East meets West with the new Kinesio® Tex Gold Light Touch + Tape (LT). Kinesio does it again by providing a unique formula gentle enough for all skin types. More than a pediatric tape, LT is the perfect solution for any patients not previously candidates for elastic therapeutic tape. From pediatric to geriatric to anyone with a tendency to skin sensitivity, LT is the only choice. LT targets the dermis and superficial fascia skin layers, attracting fluid and creating space in the dermis area. The result is a multi-directional soft motion that allows for a shift of misaligned tissue into its correct position by means of light stimulation similar to memory foam.

  • High Grade Cotton for Breathability and Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Micro Air Pocket Technology
  • Targets the Epidermis, Dermis and Fascia
  • For Optimal Results Apply between 0 and 75% Tension
  • Wearable for up to 24 hours
  • Easy Application and Removal
  • Available in six (6) unique pastel colours
  • For Optimal Results Apply between 0 and 75% Tension
  • Made in Japan, Packaged in the USA


How to Identify that you have Authentic Kinesio Tape

The packaging will always have the Kinesio logo and “The Original Kinesio Tape”. All authentic Kinesio Tapes have their own specific backing paper that always says KINESIO.

kinesio-tape-light-touch-backing-paper.jpgKinesio Tex Gold Light Touch + Tape (LT) Backing Paper

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What is Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape?
esio Light Touch Plus + Tape is a specialized therapeutic tape designed gentle enough for all skin types.LT represents the ideal solution for patients who were previously ineligible for elastic therapeutic tape. Its versatility extends from pediatric to geriatric cases and is especially well-suited for individuals with skin sensitivity concerns. When considering therapeutic tape, LT stands as the sole and optimal choice.
How does Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape work?
LT focuses its action on the dermis and superficial fascia skin layers, drawing fluid and generating space within the dermal area. This unique effect leads to a multi-directional, gentle motion, enabling the realignment of mispositioned tissues through a light and memory foam-like stimulation. As a result, LT facilitates the correction of tissue alignment in a gentle and effective manner.
Is Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape Latex Free?
Yes it is Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
Is there a difference between the different tape colours?
All the colors of the tape have no physical or chemical distinctions; they are identical in composition. The colors were specifically chosen to align with color therapy principles. Beige was designed for minimal visibility, while black was introduced due to popular demand. Ultimately, the choice of color comes down to individual preference. Moreover, the colored tapes can serve various purposes, such as field advertising during athletic events, initiating conversations, and facilitating instant product recognition.
What sizes are Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape rolls?
They come in a 5cm x 5m (2“ x 16.4’) roll.
Can Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape be used for both adults and children?
Yes, Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape is safe and effective for use on both adults and children. However, supervision by an adult is recommended for children to ensure proper application.
Is Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape water-resistant or suitable for use during physical activities?
Yes, Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape is water-resistant and suitable for use during various physical activities. It will stay securely in place even when exposed to sweat or light moisture.
How long can I wear Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape?
Kinesio Light Touch Plus + Tape is wearable for approximately 24 hours.

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