Kinesio® Tex Classic STRONG

Item #:RM-40-95015

Item #: RM-40-95015


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Experience the next level of strength with Kinesio Strong, the tape that pioneered an entire industry and is now even more powerful! Building on the success of the globally acclaimed Kinesio Tex Classic, our latest innovation comes with an upgraded super-stick adhesive, ensuring unrivaled durability and stability precisely when you need it.

Built to Endure

Conquer any challenge with Kinesio Strong’s unique combination of lightweight materials and heavy-duty grip, providing a secure, locked-in sensation you can rely on. Trusted by swimmers and runners alike, this tape offers dependable lightweight support and customizable stimulation.

Active Comfort

Say goodbye to discomfort with Kinesio Strong! Athletes swear by its exceptional comfort, forgetting they even have it on while it stays firmly in place.

  • Kinesio Strong is water-resistant
  • Super-Stick Adhesive for longer lasting wearability with less muscle soreness
  • #1 for Support and Stability

#1 Choice for Support and Stability Accept no imitations! While others may attempt to mimic the look and packaging of Kinesio tape, none can match the quality materials and patented designs of genuine Kinesio Tape. Always look for the Kinesio Logo to ensure authenticity.

Origins of Kinesio Tex Classic Dr. Kenzo Kase® dedicated years of research to create the original Kinesio Tape, revolutionizing medical and sports industries worldwide when it debuted in the late 1970s. Today, Kinesio® Tex Classic STRONG remains faithful to its roots, featuring the same iconic wave pattern, patented technology, and quality materials that made history.

What’s Included

  • 1 Roll of Uncut Kinesio Tex Tape
  • Size: 5cm W x 15m L (2in x 49.2 ft)
  • Style: Continuous
  • Can be easily customized for any taping application.
  • Currently available in Black only.

Unlock your full potential with Kinesio Strong – the epitome of strength, comfort, and reliability.

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