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Magnetolith EMTT® for regeneration and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders

EMTT® (Magnetolith Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy) employs powerful magnetic fields to promote cellular regeneration and rehabilitation. By triggering an anti-inflammatory reaction, EMTT® effectively alleviates pain and reduces inflammation in the affected regions of the body. It is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing acute pain, irritable flare-ups, neuropathic pain, diffuse pain, and degenerative conditions like Osteo Arthritis. Remarkably well-tolerated, EMTT® can provide relief even for patients suffering from intense rheumatic conditions.

EMTT® differs from general forms of magnetic field therapy or PEMF due to the high oscillation frequency of 100 – 300 kHz.  EMTT® is 40% stronger than PEMF and enables a higher penetration depth of 18 cm working at a cellular and nerve level rather than only addressing muscles. Sessions of EMTT® can, therefore, treat a far wider range of indications when compared to PEMF.

The Biological Effects of EMTT® Treatment

The use of EMTT® therapy can produce beneficial biological outcomes. All cells engage in chemical reactions that support their metabolism. A crucial requirement for these reactions is the permeability of the cell membrane. A stable cell membrane guarantees the passage of essential substances. Any pathological alteration disrupts this process, potentially resulting in illness. EMTT® has the potential to positively impact the chemical reactions and potential of cellular activity. By utilizing EMTT®, it is possible to reactivate the sodium-potassium pump and restore normal cellular processes.

  • Therapeutically effective magnetic field
  • Restoration of membrane potential
  • Mechanical stimulation of ion channels
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Advantages of EMTT®

Treatment with Magnetolith® is comfortable and straightforward

  • Magnetolith EMTT ® is easy to use, non-invasive and offers high patient comfort.
  • Patients can remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.
  • EMTT® can treat a wide range of MSK disorders.
  • Thanks to the articulated arm, EMTT® is a ‘touch-free’ treatment, perfectly suited for social distancing and minimal patient contact to reduce infection risk from non-symptomatic carriers of COVID-19.
  • Clinicians will not suffer from treatment fatigue as this is a hands-free treatment.
  • Reliable and long lasting equipment with water exchange needed only once every 6 months and applicator exchange every 2 years or 10 million pulseT
  • The treatments are quick; a typical session lasts between 5 – 20 minutes depending on the indication.
  • Magnetolith EMTT® does not require any special maintenance or technician to use and is low cost to run, providing your clinic maximum return on investment.

EMTT® Indications

Magnetolith EMTT® is the only approved electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of  musculoskeletal diseases of the muscle, bone, joints, nerves, tendons and tissues. The effectiveness of electromagnetic transduction therapy in contributing to pain reduction for:

  • Degenerative joint diseases – Signs of wear and tear, e.g. arthrosis (knee, hip, hands, shoulder, elbow), herniated disc, spondylarthrosis
  • Pain therapy – (Chronic) pain, e.g. back pain, lumbalgia, tension, radiculopathies, heel pain
  • Sport injuries – (Chronic) inflammation of tendons and joints, tendon overload syndrome, osteitis pubis

How does the Magnetolith EMTT® differ from pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) ?

EMTT® differs from general forms of electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF due to its high oscillation frequency of 100 – 300 kHz.

EMTT® is 40% stronger than PEMF and enables a higher penetration depth of 18 cm working at a cellular and nerve level rather than only addressing muscles. Sessions of EMTT® can, therefore, treat a far wider range of indications when compared to PEMF.

Are there any side effects of EMTT®? 

EMTT® has no reported side effects. During the treatment the patient may experience mid discomfort and reddening of the skin. The short-lived discomfort the EMTT® treatment creates is just a minor in-convince and will be blinded when compared to the clinical relevant decrease of pain the patient receives.

Magnetolith Specifications

  • High-frequency magnetic field: Operates within the range of 100 to 300 kHz.
  • Reliable operation: The water-cooled applicator ensures continuous and dependable performance.
  • Simple applicator change: Features a convenient plugin system for effortless swapping of applicators.
  • Integrated touch display: Allows easy adjustment of energy level, frequency, and pulse rate.
  • No need to undress: The patient can undergo treatment without removing their clothes.
  • Fatigue-free work: Enables the user to work effectively without experiencing fatigue.
  • ‘Touch-free’ treatment: The applicator can be positioned either manually or using the flexible holding arm, allowing for a touch-free treatment experience.
  • Flexible treatment duration: A treatment session typically lasts between 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the specific indication.
  • Adjustable pulse frequency: The frequency can be adjusted and set up to 10 pulses per second.

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