ORFICAST™ More Thermoplastic Tape


Options Quantity
Orficast More - 6 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Blue
Orficast More - 6 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Black
Orficast More - 6 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Orange
Orficast More - 12 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Blue
Orficast More - 12 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll. Black
Orficast More - 15 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Blue
Orficast More - 15 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Black
Orficast More - 15 Cm Wide X 3M, 1 Roll, Orange

ORFICAST™ More Thermoplastic Tape

With double the thickness of the current Orficast, the innovative More version of our thermoplastic tape gives you the ability to meet a whole new range of clinical applications. It has more material per roll for more orthotic applications that will help more patients.

Orficast More’s increased thickness avoids the need to use two layers and provides a longer working time. In addition, Orficast More in 6 cm (2.5?), 12 cm (4 ¾) and 15 cm (6) width all feature the same characteristics that therapists appreciate with Orficast.


  • Thermoplastic tape on a 3-metre roll
  • Excellent elasticity in two directions
  • Adaptable when needed
  • Easy to cut
  • Self-adhesive capacity, especially when dry heated

How it works and looks

  • Material on a roll allows for cutting a strip of material for easy orthotic fabrication.
  • Time saving. No need to make a pattern.
  • Wider versions of Orficast allow for making a volar or dorsal slab.
  • The material is easily stretched to conform to the patients unique anatomy.
  • Orthoses can be adapted when corrections are needed. Avoids waste of material.
  • Soft feeling and smooth edges.
  • It is lightweight and allows ventilation. Prevents maceration of the skin.
  • Excellent patient comfort and compliance.
  • Overlapping seams are not perceptible on the inside.
  • Application of multiple layers increases rigidity and stability of the orthoses.
  • Dry heat is helpful for bonding of corners and straps.
  • Precise moulding and a snug fit prevent pressure points.
  • Fabrication of larger orthoses will require dry heat for bonding
  • Orficast More (Blue) in 6cm, 12cm 15 cm & Orficast More Black in 6 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm

Recommended applications

Orficast More is recommended for traumatic and orthopaedic conditions which require quick and easy orthoses. For example, as a first aid product for quick immobilization and stabilization after injury: all types of immobilization for wrist, hand, finger and even ankle orthoses.

More complex patterns can be made without great effort, even by less experienced therapists.

Thumb post orthosis, using the butterfly design
CMC arthritis orthosis, using the whale design
Ulnar gutter and radial gutter orthosis
Manchester orthosis

Orficast More is ideal for the fabrication of orthoses that go beyond the wrist.

Thumb-wrist opponens orthosis
De Quervain orthosis
Volar wrist cock-up orthosis