Orficast Thermoplastic Tape


Product Details

Orficast is a unique, textile-like thermoplastic orthotic fabrication material on a roll. It offers high comfort for your patients and is very easy to use. A large variety in widths and thicknesses enables you to treat a wide range of pathologies and to accommodate different orthotic designs. Orficast More can be used to fabricate a volar or dorsal slab for increased rigidity.


  • Thermoplastic material on a 3-metre roll.
  • Excellent elasticity in two directions.
  • Adaptable when needed.
  • Thin and breathable fabric-like material.
  • Easy to cut.
  • Self-adhesive capacity, especially when dry heated.
  • Available in a thin (Orficast) and a thick (Orficast More) version, in different widths and colours.
  • Orficast is available in two widths: 3 cm (1.18″) and 6 cm (2.5″).

How it looks and works

  • Material on a roll allows circumferential wrapping and moulding techniques.
  • Time saving. No need to make a pattern.
  • Perfect size/width for small and larger orthoses. Can accommodate different sized fingers and different orthotic designs. The wider Orficast More can be used to fabricate a volar or dorsal slab or a circumferential orthosis.
  • The material is easily stretched to conform to the patient’s unique anatomy.
  • Orthoses can be adapted when corrections are needed (avoids waste of material).
  • Soft feeling and smooth edges.
  • The material is lightweight and allows ventilation (prevents maceration of the skin).
  • Excellent patient comfort and compliance.
  • Small pieces can be used as reinforcement of the orthoses when desired.
  • Overlapping seams are not perceptible on the inside.
  • Precise moulding and a snug fit prevent pressure points.

Recommended applications

  • Perfect to use in case of traumatic and orthopaedic conditions which require quick and easy orthoses.
  • Recommended as first aid product for quick immobilization and stabilization after injury.
  • Serial static orthoses and static progressive orthoses to regain range of motion of smaller joints.
  • Recommended for children, newborns, patients with fragile skin and/or arthritic conditions.
  • All types of immobilization for finger, hand, wrist, and for orthoses that go beyond the wrist or even ankle orthoses.

ORFICAST ™ Thermoplastic Splinting Tape is a unique new thermo formable taping material. It has a nice blue colour, Quick activating and application time. Ideal for small splints were thin and strong material is needed with a very smooth surface.


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