Omega™ Max Thermoplastic


Looking for a material to replace San Splint – Omega Max is your answer

Product Details

Omega™ Max Thermoplastic Splinting Material


Great for anti-spasticity splints, serial static splints,  lower extremity Splints (i.e. Foot Drop) and back supports.  

Moderate resistance to stretch combined with 100% Memory while allowing conformability and an aggressive handling style makes this your most versatile splinting material.

  • PRO TIP:  Omega Max allows the therapist to pre-stretch the materials to form around areas such as the webspace to ensure strength especially in functional or resting positioning splints.
  • Latex Free
  • Free of BPA chemicals

Thermoplastic Properties


Resistance to Stretch

  • Moderate resistance to stretch.
  • Moderate to aggressive handling is tolerated.


  • Moderate to maximum drape to create a close conforming fit.
  • Provides excellent reproduction of detail.


  • 100% memory, ideal for serial splinting.
  • Always recovers its original cut shape and size when reheated.


  • Moderate to maximum rigidity


  • Uncoated material. Provides a very sticky surface when warm and bonds without the need for solvents.
  • Sticks easily to itself. Use as bonding agent to attach outriggers or other accessories to splint.
  • Use as a bonding agent to attach outriggers or other accessories to a splint or a permanent bond, apply dry heat to the surface until shiny and attach accessories directly to the material.
  • Wet bonds can be released in warm water if necessary.
  • For easier handling, add liquid soap to water and keep thermoplastic damp while molding.
  • Handling instructions are included.

Surface Finish

  • Finished splints have a smooth, glossy surface.
  • Fingerprints and other surface marks disappear as the material cools. Makes professional looking orthosis.
  • When cut while warm, Omega™ Max forms smooth, sealed edges.


  • Hand or wrist splints back supports, anti-spasticity splints, lower extremity positioning splints, serial static splints and bases for dynamic splints.

 Working Time (1/8″)

  • Allows approximately three minutes to form and harden after softening in 140° F (60° C) to 150° F (66° C) water.
  • Fastest setup time, ideal for busy clinics and patients who benefit from less handling time


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