North Coast Thermoplastics

Remington Medical, a trusted distributor in Canada, proudly provides hand therapists access to North Coast Thermoplastics product portfolio. With over 15 years of experience, we are committed to delivering top-quality thermoplastic materials that cater to the unique needs of hand therapy.

Our selection includes a variety of premium thermoplastics designed to meet the diverse requirements of your practice. From the reliable North Coast Preferred to the versatile Prism Thermoplastic Sheet Matieral, the lightweight and durable Solaris Thermoplastic sheet material, and our latest addition, Omega Max Thermoplastic which is a fantastic replacement for Sans splint, we have the materials you need to support your patients’ rehabilitation and recovery.

At Remington Medical, we understand the pivotal role thermoplastics play in hand therapy, and we are dedicated to ensuring that Canadian hand therapists have access to the best products available. Choose us as your supplier and experience the difference in quality, innovation, and excellence as you continue to provide top-notch care to your patients.

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Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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